June 18, 2024


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Who Is Involved in Organizing a Concert?

There are many people involved in organizing a big event like a concert. There are many things that should be done for a concert to be successful. These are some of the people involved that play a major part during big events.

A production group must include an event planner or event manager who is the one in-charge with the overall production. An event planner or manager is responsible for planning the whole event and ensures that every little detail is taken care of and not neglected.

The event coordinator is also part of the production team. The responsibility of the coordinator is to look for event professionals and service providers.

It is also beneficial to have an information manager. This is the one who handles all the paperwork. The information manager is responsible for all the documentation before and after the event.

A Security Manager or managers are responsible to make security plans and implement them. People in security groups must make sure that the concert venue has enough entry and exit points, adequate number of fire extinguishers, fire alarms, emergency escape routes, sprinkler, security personnel, handicap ramps, security cameras, first aid kits and power backups (like generator, inverter, UPS). Security is not just for the performers and the audience; it must also be extended to the service provider and the security group. And because there are many people involved in staging a concert, one way of increasing security is by having team members to wear a photo ID.

It is a breeze when you are working in a place and you do not have to worry about security but can focus on your job instead. By having photo ID cards displayed, you get to be familiar with the people working around you. You cannot ignore completely the possibility that someone will sabotage the production process, but having photo ID is one way of reducing the possibility. Security managers also prepare a risk management plan. According to Wikipedia, this is a document prepared by a project manager to foresee risks, to estimate the effectiveness, and to create response plans to mitigate them. In order to avoid risk, the plans can be changed whenever needed in order to prevent the problem from arising.

The infrastructure manager is responsible for the procurement of materials, to set up and dismantle infrastructure like the stage that will be used during the event. For events held on the open concert grounds, it will include the boundary wall, entrance and exit gates, staff rooms and many more.