May 20, 2024


I Fall For Art

An Almost Pictureless Scrapbook – Ten Ideas for How to Make One

You can do lots to make a scrapbook without using many photos. The answer lies in using quotes, journaling (writing) about your special memories and using memorabilia. Think about the message you want to convey with your album and start looking for other ways to make a special and richly meaningful book.

Here are ten ideas for you to consider if you wanted to make an almost pictureless album about an important relationship, for example:

  1. Write out the words of your favourite song. Add some facts about the band who sings it, when you first heard it together, and why the song became significant to you both.
  2. Journal about how you first met, where you were, who introduced you, what you thought of him or her and when you first saw each other. Did you speak on that first occasion? Were your first impressions of each other right or wrong?
  3. Journal about the first place you went together. Take a picture of that place or add in some memorabilia from it (for example: if it was a restaurant that you first went to, see if you can get a copy of the menu for your album. If you went to the movies, did you save the ticket stubs? Use them in your album. If you have no memorabilia, see if you can print something from the Internet that reminds you of where you went. It may be something like the name of the place that you could use as your title for the page, or a description of the place, or even a price list).
  4. Journal about what you love about him or her.
  5. Make a fun page about all the silly things you have done together, or all the things you have in common. Make another page that points out the differences between you and why you love these differences.
  6. Record some things you both like (songs, movie tracks etc) and include a CD, DVD or flash drive of the recording in a pocket of your album.
  7. Cut a lock of your hair and also a lock of your significant other’s hair and make a page. Maybe your hair colour has changed or it is different to your partner’s in some way, or maybe it is very similar and you are amazed about that. If you are going to spend your lives together, write about how you will still love each other even when you are old and gray.
  8. Did you press flowers from any bouquets he gave you or that you gave to her? Add them to your scrapbook and tell about how you received or gave the flowers. Write about why you chose those particular flowers. What is it about the flowers that you like and why? Do they remind you of somewhere or of some significant time in your lives together? Flowers have meanings and you could find a language of flowers book to see what the flowers mean. Did you send the right message with your bouquet?
  9. Make a page about the future and how you want it to unfold between the two of you. What plans do you have? What are your goals? Where do you hope to be in five or ten year’s time?
  10. Make a page about the best day you have had together so far. Choose the funniest day and the saddest day too and make pages about them. You may have some jokes or sayings that are private between you. You could write about them and make some hidden pockets or tags in your album to keep them hidden from casual readers.
  11. Find some quotes you like that say something about your feelings for him or her and write about how the quote is significant for you.

I hope some of these ideas inspire you and that you do make your own almost pictureless scrapbook. May your album turn out to be something you both love and treasure for years to come.