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The Festival Not Only Offers Quality Entertainment

The Festival Not Only Offers Quality Entertainment

The festival is arranged by Musical Society of Nigeria. With its humble beginning in 1996, the event has now become one of the biggest international celebrations of music, dance, drama, art, choreography and Jazz in Nigeria. The event holds every year from late October to early November. This event is so popular that it draws visitors from all parts of the globe and has resulted in burden on cheap Lagos flights. Visitors of all ages come to witness the celebration of different forms of art and human expressions. The most celebrated feature of the event is its Jazz music program, and the most of the audiences are estimated to be observed on Jazz night at MUSION Festival. This program is similar to that of Cape Town festival. The dates of the event are 25th October to 7th November 2010.

This is not only jazz night that greets visitors but they are also delighted with two evenings of piano recitals by a visiting British pianist. Visitors from all over Nigeria and different parts of the globe take flights to Lagos to become a part of these celebrations. One may attend many other programs of their interest to make there visit unforgettable these programs include; Choral Concert, a children’s concert, an art exhibition, two short plays, two classical music concerts and various Nigerian traditional music and dance productions. The event is organized by Musical Society of Nigerian that was established in 1983, this organization is playing a vital role in creating a greater appreciation of music as well as providing musical training for children in Nigeria. These concerts are presented with foreign artist performing along with local artists, and that’s why both locals and foreigners taken cheap flights to Lagos enjoy there.

The festival not only offers quality entertainment to visitors but it also provides exposure to local talent. The participants of the event include; Nigerian born, Canadian based Beautiful Nubia, a world class vocalist and guitarist, ace jazz trumpeter and music graduate, Biodun Adebiyi, and above all Mfon Umana, a Nigerian vocalist whose music cuts across all ages and nationalities. Flights to Lagos will deliver you more than you expected from when it comes to festivals. You will not be enjoying only arts and music but there will a list of other programs to capture the minds of all types of audiences. These performances include; Drama, My Kind of Music, Indigenous Social Music, and the Classical Concert. Once you take your Lagos flights from UK you will be finding its festivals in accordance with European standards.