June 18, 2024


I Fall For Art

My First Communion Experience

I can’t forget the first time that I went to church for my First Communion. Everything seems to be well prepared for. From the clothes I’m about to wear to the small gathering in our house that will happen shortly after the communion, everything was taken care of. Though I still don’t have much idea on why I am supposed to participate in that celebration at that time, my excitement on how I will participate dominated my curiosity on why do I have to take part on it.

I had always been wondering since then why it was so special: why was there a special clothing that they required us to wear, why did my parents seem to be so excited when preparing for my First Communion, why did some of my relatives and neighbors were invited to a small gathering in our house and why did some of them even gave me First communion gifts as if this was my birthday. I really did not understand it that much but my mom said I was just formally announcing that I understand and accept Christianity in my life. I might have not realized its true meaning at that time, but it just felt right.

Now when I look back to that time, I can’t help myself but to thank God for I know I’ve been blessed to have an opportunity to grow in a Christian family and know Him at such a young age. Because of that, I learned at an early age on how Jesus sacrificed his life for me and saved me by his body and blood which we try to remember and celebrate in the First Communion. This has even led me to a brighter outlook in life and gave me the passion to live life rightfully while enjoying it.

The ceremony of that first communion might be simple and plain but it has greatly affected my point of vies, and furthermore, my character. It might have been a long time since I first had that communion, but its essence will surely remain in my heart all the days of my life.