May 29, 2024


I Fall For Art

Clear Creative Blocks Forever

When nature calls, you honor this call… right? But what can you do when the good old pipes are backed up? Yes… when your creativity is constipated, what can you do?

Creativity booster tip #1: Sit on your “toilet” every single day, so that you can get your “power to create and manifest” back. There is no need to use a plunger or some brute force to get your creative flow going again. Simply pick your favorite spot in your home (aka your sanctuary) — devoid of visual, auditory, kinesthetic, gustatory (like food), and other distractions — and allow the creativity to come to you. Conversely, if an environment with white noise stirs your creativity, then choosing to write or create at your local coffee shop or with the music on at home.

Creativity booster tip #2: Jump around, you know like the song by the band House of Pain? Do what I call a-bun-dance by dancing to your favorite tunes or using your mini trampoline for 5 or 10 minutes. (You can find this low-cost piece of exercise equipment at your local department store.)

Creativity booster tip #3: For one minute, hang like a rag doll; be sure to keep your knees slightly bent. This stretch gets the blood flowing back to your brain and boosts your energy, concentration and creativity.

Creativity booster tip #4: Consider entertaining this belief… that there is no such thing as a creative block. It is simply a figment of your imagination. Once you release this belief, then you will be plugged back into your creativity, which resides in the third chakra (energetic center) of your body.

Creativity booster tip #5: View the creative process as a practice instead of a game, where you either win or lose, you will notice it is much easier to access your creative flow.

Creativity booster tip #6: Befriend and leverage your Inner Perfectionist… at the appropriate time: when you are proofreading and editing your copy, for example, not when you are actually writing.

Creativity booster tip #7: Ask the Universe for ideas and inspiration. All you need is patience and the willingness to see and receive these once they come to you.

Creativity booster tip #8: Be willing to dig deeper into your area of expertise and emotions. Once you do, you will notice a wellspring of ideas and information will spring up for you. Do not concern yourself with being physically and emotionally neat and tidy as you create. After all, the more messy the process, the more of a masterpiece you may create!

Creativity booster #9: Use your favorite tool for creating. That is, if you are a writer, you can always write using a pad of paper and pencil equipped with an eraser. Or you can type your draft onto your computer.

Creativity booster #10: Take a break from your creativity. Go on vacation or away for a long weekend and refrain from taking any work (including creativity-related) with you. Or go for a change of scenery: Drive to your local beach, hang out under a tree, fully breathe in all of the beauty of your surroundings, and write your heart out. As the saying goes, a change is as good as a rest.