July 13, 2024


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Getting Creative With Your Time

Getting Creative With Your Time

Too much spare time can sometimes be a burden, but it should not be the case. The old saying goes ‘the devil makes work for idle thumbs’, suggesting that too much time to sit and think can often guide people down the wrong path. I have to admit that I have experienced just this during my years, however it didn’t have to be that way, and time can also be such a good thing and a great luxury. The world & the people in it are moving at such a fast pace these days, that it can make it difficult to find time to ourselves, time to reflect on what we are doing and what would bring more joy into our lives. This is why it is so important that we make the effort to create this independent time and learn to focus more on self development. More often than not, I notice that actually when I do get this precious time to myself, I end up spending it poorly. What I mean by this, is that I have not been as productive with it as I should have been – and this can have a lot to do with watching too much TV. Instead, what I should be doing is focusing on mental or physical personal development. This can be achieved through many different ways, and each person can find out what works for them. Some people tend to enjoy thinking, meditating, and developing the mind. Others prefer more physical developments, like yoga, sports & general exercise. The thing that frequently gets overlooked is developing creative hobbies, things like playing musical instruments, writing music, woodworking, art & general design. While we are young we enjoy many hours working on just these types of hobbies, and we usually carry on developing them, up until we reach our career path and professional lives. It is at this point that so many of us will lose focus on what we really enjoy and instead focus on what we feel is more important – putting food on the table and a roof over our heads. Yes for sure we need to make a living, but it can be so detrimental to ones existence to ignore what gives your mind, body and soul some bliss and happiness.

For anyone creative that is reading this, you will likely understand the point being made and I hope will relate to it. It is important to use our time on this planet effectively and for us to make something of ourselves. However it is also essential to know what we like and enjoy, and to spend time giving ourselves access and allowing time for these rewards. It is food for the soul and will assist in developing a more fruitful future. If you are happy in your life, then you will usually also perform better in your career, and vice versa. People often limit themselves to only focusing on making money and running the rat race, and forget to feed their souls. In the end this leads to burn-out and in the worst case scenarios, it could lead to having your job terminated due to poor results, and a negative personality. Nobody likes to see a slapped face in the morning, and in some office environments it can be hard to get away from any negative energy. If you are unhappy at home, you will carry this energy to work and the others around you will feel it. Too much of this will then encourage negative reactions from your co-workers and once the snowballing takes off, it can be difficult to get a grasp back on what needs to be done.

Something I have recently come across online that really impressed me and has given me so many hours of bliss and satisfaction is ‘Woodworking’. There are many places where you can download woodworking plans to help you create and build almost anything. From small house furniture projects, to large scale outdoor projects. I even learned how to and built myself my very own garden shed! If searching for these products, you will find many locations to download plans and designs from. In my experience it has always been worth paying out a little to ensure that the plans being acquired are complete and set to a very high standard. There is nothing worse that commencing on a project, only to find out half the way through that a section is missing, or the list of tools and hardware necessary for the project is incomplete. So, always look for the premium woodworking products, coming from the creators with multiple good reviews. If you are also a craftsperson, then you will know the hugely rewarding feeling you can get from completing a build project – especially when it is sizeable enough for you to work and sleep inside. The confidence that can be gained from learning these woodworking skill is almost immensely positive.

So if you or anyone you know of is struggling at the moment, not being sure of what to do with their spare time, then suggest woodworking to them. If they are creative, and good with their hands, they should definitely give it a go.