May 20, 2024


I Fall For Art

Using Your Creativity to Find Satisfaction in Life

You make your life happen

So many people live their lives as though it is something that just “happens” to them. This is very sad because they are unaware that they are creating their own life and so they live their lives by default usually ending up with disappointment, depression and fear. Every single person on the earth has the power to create their own lives. Using that power brings us the greatest satisfaction and happiness that life has to offer. One of the ways we create our own lives is to use our creativity. Our creativity can be expressed in many different ways. Some people express their creativity by writing stories or poetry. Other people express their creativity with artistic expressions ranging from painting or drawing to sculpting to sewing or other types of crafts. Still for other people their creativity is expressed through interior design, make-up artistry or hairdressing. There are countless ways a person can express their creativity and each one of them brings intense satisfaction, happiness and fulfillment to the persons who allow themselves to fully use the capacity for creativity that exists within them.

Designing your own life

In some cases a person can use their creativity to literally design their life the way they want it to be. They use all the power of their imagination to see themselves being successful in their relationships, their careers and even in their spiritual lives. As they create these realistic impressions in their minds they begin to receive inspirational thoughts on how to manifest their desires into reality. As they take action on the inspiration they receive, their lives begin to take the shape they had imagined in their minds. According to Napoleon Hill, author of “Think and Grow Rich”, this is exactly how all great successes have ever been created. Even a person who doesn’t consider themselves the “creative type” can use their hidden creativity to design a successful life for themselves and their families.

Developing your talents

Most people have a variety of talents that they can express their creativity with and become successful at. It is important to explore all of your talents and take the time to develop and perfect them as much as possible. If Rembrandt had spent all of his time working in a factory and then sat in front of a television set for hours each day after work, you would never have heard of him and the world would have been cheated out of some amazing works of art. Don’t cheat yourself or the world by wasting your life away on unimportant things, take the time to develop your creativity and see where it leads you.


Your life is whatever you decide to make of it. Each person has their own unique talents and creative abilities that they can use to shape the outcome of their lives. Talents are not developed in front of a television screen, so it is important to use your time wisely and discover or hone your special creative skills and abilities. As you use your creativity wisely you will discover greater satisfaction in life.