June 18, 2024


I Fall For Art

A Boston Marathon Runner’s Experience With Chiropractic

I would like to take the time to share my story and experience regarding my spine. As a child and teen my days were plagued with back pain. My low back would ache after doing simple workouts, sitting for prolonged periods or jogging. As I got older the pains became more regular and more severe. Finally I was encouraged to go see a chiropractor by a close friend. I had no clue what chiropractic was about.

My experience as a patient was phenomenal. My spine was quickly out of pain and I began noticing changes to my posture that were incredible. I had once thought “I have a bad back due to genetics”. What I learned was that my lifestyle choices such as poor posture, weak core muscles, constant dehydration and major subluxations were all causing me to have back health issues but they were correctable.

After 6 months of chiropractic care I was able to run pain-free. My low back was totally new, I could do the things I had once never considered possible. Due to my new biomechanics I was able to run a marathon with zero formal training within 4 months. Wow, what a great achievement. The next couple years were filled with more runs and more chiropractic care. In 2008 I was fortunate enough to run a 3 hour marathon and qualify for the Boston Marathon!

My life is forever changed from my experiences in the chiropractic office. Chiropractic made such an impact on me that I am now proud to report that I am a Doctor of Chiropractic myself. Being a Kirkland Chiropractor is great. I have the ability lead people toward amazing changes through chiropractic and health education. I recommend taking care of your spine through regular check-ups with a Doctor of Chiropractic to everyone I know.

Why is alignment so crucial for a marathoner? When your joints have proper range of motion they are able to function at their highest level. This leads to running economy which is essential for someone putting in numerous miles on foot. When a person has an unlevel pelvis they are prone to running injuries such as facet syndrome, low back pain, premature joint degeneration, muscle strain and ligament sprain. There was a major study done by Blue Cross of Illinois which showed people who use chiropractic care spend less money on health care annually. This can be attributed to less back surgeries and days missed from work.

As a runner and a chiropractor, I like to educate people on how to properly maintain appropriate posture. This is achieved by assessing patients joint articulations for proper motion and alignment.