July 20, 2024


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Top 4 Ideas on How to Decorate a Long and Narrow Hallway

Because your hallway is long and narrow, there must be times when you thought there’s nothing you could do about it. In fact, you might have the feeling that your feet are glued to the floor especially when you are standing at the end of the hallway. Fret not because there are things that you can do to lessen this feeling. Each idea presented here is fairly simple. Moreover, each idea plays on convincing one person to take the first, the second up to the last step towards the end of the hallway without him noticing that he has indeed passed through a long and narrow hallway. Read through!

Top Idea # 1: Work with the end first!

Because you have a hallway in your house, then there must be a reason for you to move down that hallway. So why don’t you give yourself a cue that the end is just within reach? A simple idea is to place a small table with a vase or a plant at the end of the hallway. The desire to see what’s at the end draws anyone to move forward. You can also paint the wall at the end darker than the rest to signal that the person is almost at the end.

Top Idea # 2: Along the Way

Since you used a darker color at the end of the hallway, you need to use a lighter color for the walls along the way. Of course, make sure that the lighter color you choose is not so close to the color of the end wall.

Top Idea # 3: Floor Coverings

You have done the first and second idea and of course, the last thing you want to do is to hold up or stop the progress the person in the hallway is making. For this reason, you might want to add some fun by using tiles or other non-gridded flooring system materials. You might also want to use a low pile carpet. These will serve like a maze placing the person in space. For sure, this will inhibit and facilitate forward progress.

Top Idea # 4: Keeping them Busy

Placing a few paintings or pictures on the walls is such a perfect way to keep the person walking on the hallway unaware that he or she is making a long and narrow journey. However, remember to keep the paintings or pictures staggered and separate from each other to keep the person moving. Also, do not ever use furniture because the person will surely stop on one physically and visually.

Just a few clever tips on how you could decorate a long and narrow hallway and for sure, the person involved in this long journey will reach the end happier and more relaxed.