June 18, 2024


I Fall For Art

A Creative Dent Allows You to Think Outside the Box

To think outside the box, and see things differently, is a farce. You are told to comply, and by no means given a framework.

To begin with, creativity is a superpower, which allows the mind to tap into and explore, an unchartered land of emotion, hope, sacrifice, and wisdom.

Although, it is paramount to establish a mechanism to understand how your creative juices begin to flow. The most expedient form of the method is “self-exploration” or an online assessment test. The two sections of your cognitive brain include a logical and an emotional hemisphere. Further, self-analysis is a handy tool to increase your productivity, the end result makes it an incalculable asset. Consequently, this may ensue in an efficacious time management regime or a life changing experience.

The possibilities are limitless, you can be a videographer, artistic director, brand manager, graphic designer, a website designer, or an uninteresting person. The prime focus here is to force a holistic “Dent” on an object, create a unique picture in the mind, and discover the magic of solving complex problems.

Moreover, to create a framework, you will invest time, resources, and efforts into creating a pattern that works for you. For instance, if you are more productive in the morning, you may assign tasks which require a fresh perspective to finish.

Remember, “The steps are pivotal, and lead you to a solution.” Creativity is just an extension to the momentous affairs in your routine.

Creativity is a non decrepit terminology, and if you define it in simple words “creativity is anything that differentiates you from others”, it even has the potential to monetize your ideas.

The decision makers of today use critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving together, to find solutions that otherwise do not exist. It is the essence of all things, and success depends on your finest creative resolution. Creativity ranges anywhere from an intellectually stimulating article, to a blog post which depicts the raw emotions of a writer. To warn the audience, once hit from a creative enlightenment, and you can never return to your prior reflections and the way of doing things. The key word here is an underlying curiosity, a desire to discover things. To unleash your true potential, it is suggested to analyze the bent, formulate a framework, and start working on things that you love doing. Even if your outcome is not at 100%, you can tweak the process and the results. Finally, wasting a beautiful mind is a soft mental crime.

I leave you with an innocent question, “Would you like to deprive the world from the magic of a capable mind?”