July 20, 2024


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The Most Touching Experience of My Life – A Story

Everything under the sky can not be depicted exactly as they are in words, especially feelings. No matter how well I try to pour my feelings in a piece of story, no matter how well anyone else attempts to do it, words can never be made to put forward feelings efficiently. Saying can be closer and better to represent feelings. The dead words, on the other hand, rarely even go near the true feelings of a person. Consider this – any person can feel love better than even the best story writer can write about it. But in this emotional story, I am trying my best (I can assure at least that) to say make you understand what I might have felt on the day which I call as The Most Touching Experience of My Life.

The Story

I was in the tenth class then; actually the classes had just started after a fun-filled summer vacation. Priya and I were nice friends, actually something more than that. Our parents were friends too, but they were aware of only the healthy part of our relationship. After our classes were over, we often sat together in the park to talk. And it was just talk, nothing else. For this we both went to our homes and came back to the park to meet. Actually, the day was special. I had missed Priya for the whole 50-days vacation like hell. Undoubtedly we met regularly during the vacation too, but we couldn’t sit together for hours like we did in school.

Like it happened daily, we had to meet at the park at around 5 O’ clock. I had tried to study her subtler feelings for me by throwing some pre-planned questions. What I could understand from her replies and body language was the cause of what I did that day.

I had reached the park before her and waited for the next 10 minutes. Believe me, those 10 minutes were the longest one for me, each second stretching out to an eternity. She finally arrived, dressed in pink skirt-blouse. Perhaps she had taken it in the vacation. It happens that the girl you have crush on seems the prettiest to your eyes.




“That’s fine.” I said and she sat next to me on the bench.

“You know?” she asked and I looked questioningly at her. “But don’t tell it to anyone else.”

“Do I need to assure you?”

“No, you don’t,” she said with a twinkle in her eyes, “You are my best friend after all.”

I wished to propose her right then. But I preferred listening to what she wanted to say.

What she told was the worst and saddest thing I could expect. It was the song that made all my music after the day sad. She had fallen in love with a guy before a few days. As she told, they met in Cuttack when she was there for ten days during the vacation. What could I say? I just nodded my head, trying my best to veil my emotions under a plastic smile. She went on chirping about the boy after that, but I could hardly see or hear anything. Though my eyes failed to stop the tears from dripping down, I tried my best not to burst out crying. I didn’t want to spoil my angel’s happiness. Thanks that she never discovered it too.