July 13, 2024


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Take Your Laptop And Go Write Some Songs – Anywhere

Take Your Laptop And Go Write Some Songs – Anywhere

With modern technology, it is very possible to write and record music anywhere you want. All you need is a laptop, a decent sound card, good sounding earphones and a small midi controller to write and record a potential hit song. The hit part, of course, is dependent on your skills, but thankfully, these skills can be learned. This article deals with some aspects of creating a good song.

To write a good song, you need both inspiration and discipline. Without inspiration, your songs will come out dry and technical, and probably will just sound just like countless other records, which we hear and forget that very moment. You also need discipline to finish what you have started with inspiration – otherwise, you will just have a pile of unfinished ideas.

Sometimes, it takes just going away somewhere for your inspiration to start flowing – ideas just come to you naturally when you are outside of what you are used to. If you have your minimum songwriting equipment with you, nothing is stopping you from laying down all your ideas, and when you are back at home, choose the best ones and turn them into full songs.

After recording an idea for a song, it is often a good idea to put it aside and not listen to it for a week or so – that way, when you come back to it, you will hear it with fresh ears and will be able to judge better, whether this idea has any potential or not. When we are in the process of writing, we become attached to an idea, a particular way of playing things, or a particular arrangement. Indeed, one of the key secrets of great songwriting is patience – write a lot, and rewrite even more – with fresh ears of course.

When you are done with the idea stage, when you have composed a nice song, which flows along nicely, it is time for that discipline part. Now you must polish the lyrics (if your song has them), phrasing and record all the parts missing, and re-record the parts you are not satisfied with. However, remember, that often it is better to leave a track that is not so perfect, but has that special feeling about it, instead of replacing it with a technically perfect, but lifeless take.

Remember, that with possibilities of modern technology there’s nothing stopping you from getting away – even just for a weekend – and write great songs. Always remember to have fun doing so, and you will write that hit sooner than later!