June 18, 2024


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Creative Writing Exercises – Keep Your Writing Fun, Fresh & Flowing With Creative Writing Exercises

All of us who write go through periods when the writing comes less easily, when it feels more of a struggle to produce the same kind of easy word flow that we know we’re capable of.

So it’s useful and very valuable to have a few options up your sleeve you can call upon during these creatively sticky times. Creative writing exercises are one of the best of these options.

Here’s why writing exercises are so effective in keeping your writing fun, fresh and flowing:

Fun: You write because you enjoy writing, you enjoy the process itself as well as the pieces of writing you produce. And it follows that the more enjoyable writing is for you, the easier it becomes. Think about some of the other things in your life that you love doing. You don’t need asking twice whether you want to spend some time on them do you?

By using creative writing exercises you can experiment and play around with new techniques, forms and ideas. See them as invitation to a giant creative writing theme park with hundreds of different rides you can go on. Once you’ve tried a few rides, you find which you enjoy most, and which you can try more of it. It’s as much fun as you want to make it!

Fresh: One of the biggest blocks when it comes to writing is not that you can’t write ANYTHING, it’s that you feel you’re writing the same paragraphs, poems or prose over and over. You’ve got stuck in a writing rut where every piece seems to turn out like a very slightly altered version of the previous one.

When you use creative writing exercises you have a whole host of new techniques to try out, to keep your writing stimulating and fresh. However experienced you are as a writer, there are still dozens, probably hundreds of writing exercises and prompts you’ve not tried before. Use them regularly for that zingy writing freshness!

Flowing: How often do you come up with one or two good sentences then go into a slump where the next dozen feel weak and uninspired in comparison? Keeping a high level of consistency is a big challenge for us as writers.

With creative writing exercises, the more you use them, the more techniques and experience you have to draw upon, the easier it flows, and the less likely it is you’ll come to a halt. Get into the habit of using writing exercises regularly and your writing will flow like a raging river after a downpour.

Creative writing exercises have multiple benefits for YOUR creative writing. So throw off those fears and hesitations and start using them to explore your writing today…