April 22, 2024


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Soundtrack Lyrics

Are you trying to write soundtrack lyrics but can’t get started? You are not alone – thousands of people are struggling, too. Whether you’re just trying to compose lyrics for a school project or a community theater movie, or would like to make a serious career writing soundtrack lyrics, you will find these tips from the pros very useful.

Invest in educational lyric writing tools. Get as much as you possibly can from songwriting books, magazines, and articles. You will be surprised at the amount of information, tips, and even inspiration you will get from these. If you want to pursue soundtrack writing as a career, then enroll in lyric-writing programs and courses, or at least buy software that can educate you from home.

Listen for clichés and then break them. You know a cliché when you hear one. Don’t fall into the same trap of being unoriginal. The reason why so many lyricists fail is because they do not offer anything new. It’s true that movie themes are almost always the same, but with enough creativity, you can find ways of expressing them differently, in unique and unexpected ways. An example of a good lyric ‘twist’ that worked out really well was Dianne Warren’s famous line, “Unbreak my heart.” The boring formula “break my heart” was modified using a very simple (and even grammatically-incorrect) prefix “un,” adding character and recall to the song. This is the power of lyric writing – it can turn an otherwise usual song into a hit.

Finally, motivate yourself. Find new places to work in – maybe in the park or in a quiet café – to get your creative juices flowing again. There are a thousand inexpensive ways to find inspiration and motivation. Do not mull over writer’s block by forcing yourself to write – it will not work. Instead, relax and go back to the basics. Remember why you are writing lyrics in the first place – to express yourself creatively and to touch people’s lives.