April 24, 2024


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Pherazone Pheromones – My Experience!

My Experience with Pherazone Pheromones

I have had a wild time one night out with friends and on that particular evening I wanted to try a new pheromone cologne that I had just purchased. It was getting a lot of rave reviews on the internet and it was said to effectively attract women closer to men. So I thought, why not. When Pherazone came in, it was portable enough to fit in my pocket and the scent was magnificent. It almost reminded me of Acqua di Gio a little bit. Which by the way is one of my favorite colognes to use, as well. There is something intriguing about a pheromone cologne that really works to attract women. So, I gave it a go to test it and see for myself.

On the first night that I went out, I met a girl that was brunette and she had a special eye for me. I continued towards her to see if I can pick up a steady conversation and to see if my attractive fragrance would kick in. Off the bat, I noticed the increased eye contact and attention that I was getting from her and from other women walking around us. Though, I continued to talk to her and there was a sense of secret inhibitions that she wanted to either tell me or share with me. In my mind I already knew what it was, so I made sure to continue talking to her and offer her a drink. All night long I kept bumping into women which was a bit unusual for me because on a regular night not wearing Pherazone, this never happened. There must have been a magnetic attraction that I was getting from the other women that were observing us talk.

Pherazone and Relationships

If you are in a relationship or marriage and want to amplify the effects of attraction and increased intimacy then Pherazone may be what you need to just sit back and do nothing. It’s almost like fishing and waiting the fish to catch your bait. I have seen many relationships and marriages turn their lives around because they were able to effectively increase their intimacy, attention and attraction for each other. Like I said previously, there is nothing more intriguing than wearing a pheromone cologne to lure in your mate most effectively. I tell you this because my experiences has led me to believe otherwise and I know that it can for you.

About Pherazone and Dating

Pherazone pheromones contains some of the highest concentration of pheromones and it has been talked about in several popular media outlets. This is why I wanted to give it a try to see if it worked well enough for me to use it continually. To my surprise, it is one of the most sought after pheromone colognes that I own. This is because of its great scent and effectiveness when I go out on dates with other women. To my surprise, I have also noticed other guys and girls wearing their own form of pheromone cologne or perfume to increase their levels of attraction in dating and night clubs.

All this time I thought it was just me with this unique strategy of luring the women in. But I was wrong. It has been said that if there are people in the dating and club scenes wearing pheromones on their body, then they would gain the strategic advantage among others that are out there with just a regular cologne without pheromones. There was even an internet survey which stated that Pherazone ranked #1 among pheromone cologne. Now I see why it was so. It has helped me for so many occasions out there and has brought me the satisfaction that I need when going on a date or a night out with the guys to seek women. Pherazone contains about 18 mgs of pheromone that are fully optimized to attract that special someone.