June 18, 2024


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Exploring the Top 10 Art and Culture Articles of 2021

At Creative Boom, our mission is to immerse you in the world of art and design, offering insights into the creative process. But what truly piques the interest of our dedicated audience? Thankfully, our website analytics provide the answers, revealing the articles that garnered the most attention in 2021.

As part of our annual retrospective, “The Review,” we’ve compiled the ten most-read articles of the year, showcasing the captivating art and design narratives that captivated our eight million visitors. Whether you missed them initially or simply want to revisit these gems, it’s a chance to see them through fresh eyes, perhaps discovering new layers of fascination.

1. Kate Waters’ Hyperrealistic Paintings: Capturing Modern City Life

Kate Waters’ artistic journey into hyperrealism challenges our perception. Are her creations photographs or paintings? In these imaginative scenes from everyday life, the boundaries blur, leaving us utterly enchanted.

2. Ariel Dannielle: Celebrating Black Womanhood Through Art

Ariel Dannielle’s powerful paintings offer an alternative perspective on black womanhood. In a world often marked by struggle and adversity, her works radiate joy and resistance against racism. Each piece is a visual diary of everyday experiences, evoking profound emotions and originality.

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3. Bob Dylan’s Lockdown Paintings: A Celebration of His 80th Birthday

London’s Halcyon Gallery celebrated Bob Dylan’s 80th birthday by unveiling a collection of his paintings, including previously unseen figurative works. Regardless of your opinion of his music, Dylan’s art offers a compelling exploration.

4. The Artistic Statement of the 2020s: L’Arc de Triomphe, Wrapped

When Christo swathed the L’Arc de Triomphe in fabric, we heralded it as the defining artistic statement of the 2020s. Our article delves into the reasoning behind this declaration, inviting you to weigh in on its significance.

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5. Patrick Murphy’s Avian Invasion: Seagull Sculptures in Le Havre

Le Havre’s City Hall witnessed an avian spectacle when British artist Patrick Murphy populated its rooftops with 200 life-size seagull sculptures. Discover the inspiration behind this awe-inspiring installation.

6. Jarvis Brookfield’s Psychedelic Exploration of Humanity

As the pandemic prompted existential reflections, Jarvis Brookfield’s psychedelic artworks delved into the essence of being human. This exclusive interview with the artist provides captivating insights into his thought-provoking creations.

7. Dave Towers’ Playful Pandemic Artworks

Dave Towers’ hand-painted typographic works capture the essence of our times. His series, aptly titled “Free,” explores the artist’s lockdown experience with playfulness, irony, and humor.

8. Morag Myerscough’s Illuminating Coventry’s High Street

Morag Myerscough transformed Coventry’s main shopping street into a vibrant work of public art, radiating light and color. This exclusive interview with the artist unravels the vision behind her impactful piece, emphasizing community at its core.

9. Joe Simpson’s Retro-Inspired Digital Collages: A Glimpse of a Cheerful Future

Amidst the challenges of 2021, Joe Simpson’s digital collages offered a refreshing twist on retro pulp sci-fi. These imaginative artworks invite us to envision a brighter future.

10. Arlo Parks: Music, Vulnerability, and Artwork Significance

Mercury Prize-winner Arlo Parks, a force of creativity, shares her pandemic experiences, the vulnerability in her songwriting, and the profound meaning behind her album artwork in this exclusive interview.

These articles not only reflect the creative diversity of the year but also invite us to relive the art and culture that defined 2021.