June 18, 2024


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Duet Acting Scenes For Forensics Competition

Duet Acting is part of forensics competition. It differs from the duo competition in that the actors may directly address each other and interact with elements of the setting and props. These differences incorporate elements of acting into the event.

Duet Acting relies on scene for the actors to perform. This scene may be dramatic or comedic. How do you find duet acting scenes?

There are several factors you must consider when selecting a duet acting scene. There must be a strong conflict between the characters. Conflict is what drives the scene and keeps it interesting to watch. Each actor must have a specific want. A want can be defined as what the character is trying to achieve. Each actor can choose the want for his or her character, but it is best when the dialogue supports the want.

The play Plaza Suite offers a great duet acting scene. The third act revolves around the wedding of Mimsey Hubley and her parents Norma and Roy Hubley. Mere hours before the wedding Mimsey has locked herself in the bathroom. Roy and Norma are on stage, conversing with a silent, off stage Mimsey attempting to convince her to come out of the bathroom.

The two actors are then one female (Norma) and one male (Roy). The scene is a comedic scene, and has several hysterical moments especially for the Roy Hubley character. The conflict is that Mimsey has refused to marry on the day of her wedding. Roy and Norma are trying to convince her to go through with it. Roy and Norma both have the same want, which is to go through with the wedding. There are over eight minutes of dialogue in the entire scene.