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Highlights of Market Art Fair 2023

Highlights of Market Art Fair 2023

Market Art Fair, the preeminent contemporary art event in the Nordic region, welcomed the public with open arms on May 12th. This extraordinary fair beckons both seasoned collectors and ardent art enthusiasts to embark on a journey of discovery within galleries showcasing the best of the Nordic countries.

Sara Berner Bengtsson, the visionary Director and CEO of the fair, reflects on Market Art Fair’s roots. She eloquently articulates, “Since our inception, championed by galleries from the Nordic realms, our mission has remained unwavering: fortify the Nordic art milieu. Yet, our modus operandi has matured over time. We are now exclusively devoted to nurturing Nordic artists, whether by birthright, residence, or thematic alignment. Simultaneously, we extend a warm embrace to non-Nordic galleries, collectors, and industry stalwarts.”

Emilie Bausager

Emilie Bausager’s artistic practice delves into the fluidity of historical narratives, grappling with the inherent challenge of faithful representation. Her work orbits the narrative liminality, poised tantalizingly between reality and fiction. Bausager delves into the treasure trove of communal storytelling embedded in our historical landscape, weaving together ancient tales and contemporary knowledge. The result is a collage of settings, deeply resonating with her heritage in Britain and Denmark. Bausager employs anachronism as a recurrent artistic device, invoking a compelling tension between curiosity, insight, gravity, and whimsy. Rooted in landscapes, either real or imagined, Bausager’s creations take the form of installations. These encompass stained glass, textiles, objets trouvé, textual elements, and prints.

Emilie Bausager, hailing from both the UK and Denmark, born in 1992, holds an MFA from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (2019). Her recent exhibitions have graced esteemed venues such as Den Frie (Copenhagen), SOL (Nexø), SKAL Contemporary (Skagen), OK Corral (Copenhagen), NADA (New York), Loggia (Munich), Kristen Lorello (New York), and Lagune Ouest (Copenhagen).

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Aki Turunen

Aki Turunen’s paintings are a harmonious fusion of intuitive, subliminal imagery and an intimate knowledge of art history. His fascination with history and tradition positions him within the continuum of material and visual choices. Turunen reimagines traditional tools to suit his unique vision, interweaving personal narratives with historical images. Through this alchemy, Turunen casts a probing gaze upon shared human experiences, which emerge as delicate, lucid strokes on his canvases.

Aki Turunen, born in 1983, resides and works in Helsinki. He obtained his MFA from the Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki, in 2011, and he also pursued painting studies at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. His works have graced solo and group exhibitions in Finland, including prominent venues such as the Helsinki Contemporary exhibition Gonzaga Yellow, Galleria Forum Box, and Kluuvi Gallery. Internationally, Turunen’s art has captivated audiences in Denmark, such as at the Martin Asbæk Gallery, and he participated in the Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition in 2011. His pieces grace the collections of the Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma, the Saastamoinen Foundation, and the Finnish State Art Commission, among others. In 2021, the Finnish Art Society bestowed upon Turunen the prestigious William Thuring designated prize.

Siiri Jüris

Siiri Jüris’ latest artistic opus revolves around Estonian folklore, an enchanting tapestry interweaving folk tales, traditional games, and deeply held beliefs. Jüris masterfully melds these age-old elements with personal memories and interpretations, infusing her paintings with a mystical aura awash in vibrant colors. She employs zoomed-in perspectives and fragmented vignettes to craft ethereal realms where abstract, classical, and digital visual idioms converge. Within this kaleidoscope, discerning human forms are enigmatically subsumed by biomorphic shapes and digitized patches. Her oeuvre also bears the indelible imprint of her upbringing by the water, endowing her work with a fluid and dynamic quality that transcends the ordinary.

Siiri Jüris, born in 1992, is a Swedish-Estonian painter currently residing and creating in Uppsala, Sweden. Her academic journey includes an MFA from the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm (2021) and another MFA in painting from the University of Tartu (2017). Jüris’ artistry has graced group exhibitions primarily in Estonia and Sweden, as well as Slovakia and Lithuania. She has been a finalist for the Young Painter Prize in both 2019 and 2021, and in 2020, she clinched victory in the “Young Tartu” competition. Jüris’ solo exhibitions, such as “matter that (em)bodies” at the Tartu Art Museum in February 2021 and “As the day fades into midnight hues” at Galleri Duerr in November 2022, have left an indelible mark on the art world.

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Sascha Weidner

Sascha Weidner (1974-2015), the luminary German photographer and artist, etched his legacy in Belm and Berlin. Weidner’s creative oeuvre is a profound exploration of a radically subjective visual realm. His photographic compositions serve as portals to the world of perception, aspirations, and the enigmatic subconscious.

Weidner’s artistic journey commenced with rigorous studies encompassing photography, film, painting, and communication design at the Braunschweig University of Art. In 2004, he earned the distinction of being Meisterschüler under the tutelage of Dörte Eißfeldt. He further expanded his horizons with a stint in Los Angeles, supported by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), from 2004 to 2006.

Florian Ebner, the Director of Photography at the Centre Pompidou, pens profound insights into Weidner’s work: “Describing one’s own life through photographic imagery, as one perceives or dreams it, is a complex endeavor. Photos transcend mere textual interpretation, conveying messages through their cryptic language. Sascha Weidner’s photographic lens transmutes observable reality into encrypted symbols. Depending on their arrangement and contextualization, new narratives unfurl.”

Weidner’s work has traversed international borders, adorning prestigious exhibitions and publications. His art has graced renowned venues such as the Ludwig Museum in Budapest, Deichtorhallen in Hamburg, Foam in Amsterdam, the International Photography Festival Knokke-Heist, Kunstverein Hannover, C/O Berlin, Zephyr / Reiss-Engelhorn-Museum in Mannheim, FO.KU.S in Innsbruck, Monash Gallery of Art in Melbourne, Open Eye Gallery in Liverpool, Museum for Photography in Braunschweig, DZBank Kunstsammlung in Frankfurt am Main, and the Australian Centre for Photography in Sydney.

In September 2016, the long-awaited monograph “Intermission II” by Sascha Weidner was published by Hatje Cantz, a testament to his enduring legacy.

Alexander Tovborg

Alexander Tovborg, born in 1983 in Denmark, embarks on an artistic odyssey anchored in history, mythology, religion, and the rich tapestry of written and oral narratives. He weaves together the stories that precede us, breathing new life into classical archetypes. By dissecting the threads of our past narratives, Tovborg orchestrates a thought-provoking reevaluation of our contemporary social and political milieu. His painstaking, multi-layered technique serves as a rhythmic ritual, enabling Tovborg to immerse himself in diverse realms. This results in a visual language that transcends different series, figures, and motifs. Central to his practice is a focus on the myriad symbols embedded within ancient tales, recognizing their pivotal role in our contemporary culture. Tovborg endeavors to keep their meanings open-ended, affording us the privilege to unearth their multitudes of interpretations.

Alexander Tovborg, a scion of Denmark, graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2010. His artistic journey has graced prestigious venues such as Overgaden (Copenhagen), GL Strand (Copenhagen), Rudolph Tegner Museum (Dronningmølle), ARKEN (Ishøj), ARoS (Aarhus), IMMA Museum of Modern Art (Dublin), Spiritmuseum (Stockholm), Holstebro Kunstmuseum (Holstebro), and KØS (Køge). His works are cherished additions to public collections, including Kunsthalle Bremen (Bremen), Hammer Museum (Los Angeles), ARKEN (Ishøj), ARoS (Aarhus), and Museet For Religious Kunst (Lemvig). In June 2023, Tovborg will unveil a solo exhibition at Kunsthal Charlottenborg (Copenhagen).

While the captivating Market Art Fair enchants visitors at Liljevalchs Konsthall and the adjacent Spritmuseum in Stockholm until May 14th, its digital counterpart continues to thrive online, exclusively powered by Artland. Embark on your digital journey through the fair [here](insert online link).