June 18, 2024


I Fall For Art

6 Essential American Common Sense Protections!

It rarely benefits, anyone, or this nation, by, simply, trying, to proceed, wrapping – yourself – in – the – Flag, and claiming, you are more patriotic, than others! Rather, only, when, our increasingly, partisan, political process, becomes, less – so, and seeking a meeting – of – the – minds, for the greater good, is a priority, and path, taken, will we, be able, to protect the basic – concept, this nation was created, on, and, especially, with liberty, and justice, for all! Unfortunately, the system, seems corrupted, largely, because of excessive greed, personal/ political agendas, and self – interest, instead of doing, what, should be, our top priority! How, we treat our citizens, and being a true leader, to the rest, of the world, especially, in terms of human rights, freedoms, and doing, what seems to be the right – thing, used – to, differentiate us, but, today, The United States of America, is, anything, but, united, and, far – too – many, only care, about, their rights, and protects, these, selectively, while, often, ignoring others! With, that in mind, this article will attempt, to, briefly, consider, examine, and review, 6 essential, common sense, necessities, and, why they matter.

1. Health care/ Right or a privilege?: Should quality health care attention, and treatment, be a right, or, merely, a privilege? Why is the cost of this, more expensive, in this nation, than, nearly, any other nation? Being treated, to the best, of our knowledge, etc, must be a right, for everyone, regardless of their financial capabilities, for us, to claim, All men are created equal, etc!

2. Climate Change: Ignoring, and/ or, denying, the existence of Climate Change, and its ramifications, doesn’t make them, disappear! Scientists state, our planet, has warmed, significantly, in the past century, and, at a faster – rate, than others, and we need to reduce carbon emissions, etc, sooner, rather than later! Isn’t it, everyone’s responsibility, to leave our planet, better, than we found it, to future generations?

3. Environmental protections: We cannot continue, ignoring, protecting, our environment, especially, related to clean air, and water, and, must pay keen attention, again, restoring some common sense, to our behavior, after, the apparent, preference, for self – interest,. and greed, we observed, between, 2017 and 2020!

4. Constitutional guarantees/ freedoms: We need to restore all our Constitutional guarantees, rather, than, allowing, some politicians, to, eliminate/ reduce them, by, various means, including, stacking – the – Courts! This means, we must protect all our rights, and freedoms, instead of, only, selective ones, which we personally, like/ prefer!

5. Protect voting rights: Are we, deluding, ourselves, by, believing, we have, a voting system, based, on, one – person, one – vote? How can we permit the constant, focus, on, gerrymandering, and, making it, harder, for certain people, to exercise, their right – to – vote? However, at this point – in – time, we are witnessing, many states, trying to enact, laws, which restrict, or make difficult, the ability, for certain people, to exercise these rights!

6. Public safety/ Public health/ Sane gun controls: Shouldn’t protecting, public health, and, overall, public safety, be considered, essential, and a top priority? How many more, must die, before we demand sane gun controls, at least, creating, common sense, registration, and licensing, and reducing access to assault weapons, etc? Only in America, do we have more requirements, for owning and driving a car, than, a gun!

Wake up, America, and demand, better, sooner, rather – than – later, or this nation, risks, losing its identity, and beloved freedoms/ rights, forever! Will you become a more – concerned, citizen?