June 18, 2024


I Fall For Art

What to Do If You Don’t Like Your Voice on Audio Recordings

A lot of people think they don’t sound very good. It’s kind of different when you hear your own voice and when someone else hears your voice, but if you really sound terrible – not terrible, let’s say you may sound different than what your market is used to hearing.

If you have a thick accent or you’re from another country and you’re trying to sell to middle America, that’s going to be a barrier of getting your message into the ears and the minds of your prospects.

So, let’s say you’re the expert being interviewed, and you want to use that interview to promote and sell your existing product but you may have a heavy accent. That may deter your sales or reduce your sales because it’s more difficult for people to hear you. I would maybe hire someone.

You could script out your interview, or you could have someone interview you and you can have an expert replay the interview, get an actor to do it. I have done that on two occasions – Jim Straw, a very well-known mail order guy had some hearing problems. So, he was unable to do a phone interview, but I had questions submitted to my list.

All the questions came in. I sent them to Jim. He answered them all in his own words, and I hired an actor to play the part of Jim Straw. So, I was the interviewer, and the actor was playing the part of Jim Straw answering the questions.

We were transparent about it. I say right there on the interview that this is an actor playing Jim Straw, but after listening to it for a while, you forget it’s an actor.

I did the same thing with Eugene Schwartz, who is dead now, the famous copywriting speech that he did for one of the big publishing company. I hired an actor to recreate that.

So, you can hire an actor to recreate the audio interview with the audio message. It’s the message that they want to hear, the words, the combination of the word that sell the ideas on the prospect, not necessarily the voice. So, I would say hire it out.