April 22, 2024


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What Do Judges Look for in Acting Auditions?

Have you ever wondered why some people make it through in auditions; while others get shown the door? Then wonder no more. The main reason behind success and failure is on how well the audition judges can reflect and interpret your performance to meet their expectations. The following are a few of the things most judges look for in acting auditions:

1) Ability to show a wide range of emotions. Judges at the auditions would expect you to move with the tune; this means that when it is time to show shock open your eyes as wide as you can and place your hand at the mouth. On the other hand, grief can be expressed by showing deep thought and sadness. However, try as much as possible not to look at the floor while expressing grief. This is because the director won’t be able to see your face. When you smile don’t just smile with your mouth but let it also show in your eyes that you are genuinely happy. Your eyebrows can also be used to express happy feelings; tilted brows show genuine enthusiasm as opposed to flat brows.

2) Ability to bond with other actors both on and off camera. As an actor you will not be at the movie alone; the ability to relate well with your fellow actors shows maturity and a desire to learn from others. Treat other actors the way you would also like them to treat you. This would reflect on camera as many actors would offer to shoot videos with you.

3) Spontaneity. This is the ability to be unpredictable in your acts. Make your audience always trying to figure out which kind of a person you are due to your different reactions to similar situations. Judges prefer people who have multiple personalities because they make the show much more interesting.

4) Sometimes experience counts. Experience shows that you have first hand information of what is required of you. Also, the more experienced you are, the less likely your chances of making mistakes. This is the main reason why different movies refer to the same actors to do their acts. If you are a totally new actor at the auditions, try to make good movies with your friends before showing up at the panel.

5) Easy to work with. Acting judges prefer people who are able to grasp concepts easily and follow simple instructions. Don’t be the kind of person who always asks them to repeat what they had already told you. If you have a hearing problem, tell them earlier so that they can be prepared to handle you.

6) A good match for the part they are casting. This has to do with the kind of personality you have. If they are casting a rogue person then you have to indicate roughness and a rude attitude. Even if you are good on screen, if you don’t match the character they are looking for, just don’t show up for the auditions.