April 22, 2024


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Using Your Creative Talents To Get A Great Career

13 Steps To Turn Your Creative Talents Into a Career

1. Believe- Believe that it’s possible to turn your talents into a career. Enough other people have done it…and now you will too.

2. Promise- Promise yourself you won’t give up. You’ll do whatever it takes to succeed with your talents. Commit to your goal.

3. Your Dream Life- Do an exercise…imagine it’s five years from now, and everything has gone exactly as you’d like. You live wherever you want, and you are living ‘your dream life’. Write what a normal day would be like…start from when you wake up and finish by going back to bed that night. Include as many details as possible.

4. Identify- Take a look at what you wrote. Identify your perfect work day details. Notice your hours, travel time, working alone or with people, for yourself or some company you like. Identify the details you desire to have in your dream career.

5. Make a List- Make a list of all the details that would make you happy in your dream career. Include pay, hours, people, travel time, sick days, paid vacations, etc.

6. Brainstorm- Brainstorm what job or business you could have that would encompass the details on your list.

7. Research- Research your options.

8. Decide- Decide what you’re going to do. Are you going to start a business? Are you going to work for a company in the graphic design field? Are you going to be a freelance photographer? Make a decision that you can stick to for the next five years. Be sure to have some back up choices, especially if you’re trying to get a job within a particular field. You may want to choose fifteen companies you’d like to work, and send resumes to all of them.

9. Goals- Now’s a great time to make goals. You now know what you really want, and have made a decision. Write out your main goal like: I am working for company X by October 1st this year. Then make the ‘subgoals’ you need to accomplish to get you there. (Write up a resume, fill out an application, prepare for an interview, etc.)

10. Affirmations- Affirmations need to be used to help you set things in motion.

11. Support- You need a support system.

12. Cultivate- Cultivate your talents now. Life is short.

13. Action- You are 100% responsible for your actions. Your goal will require some action on your part. I can give you all kinds of tools, resources, and even tell you what to do, but you have to take responsibility and do it. Your results are up to you. No excuses.

You CAN Do It!