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Trick Trick/ The People Vs Album Review

Trick Trick/ The People Vs Album Review

Underground jewel, definitely worth your buy.

When you have been charged with an M-1 (slang term for « first degree murder charge »), it looks like the whole world is against you. Trick Trick introduces the album with his M-1 track that symbolizes the State of Michigan vs. Christian Mathis. Back in 2003, Trick Trick had been charged with felony firearm and was facing a first degree murder charge. The case went on trial in February 2004, but would be adjourned later on and the charges against Christian Mathis would be eventually dropped.

The introduction starts dramatically with some bell sounds, violins and gunshots in the background. Accusers are here and point their finger at Trick Trick.

M-1 follows with a very entertaining rhythm. Piano, keyboards and violins introduce the dramatic circumstances of Trick Trick’s arrest and trial. The atmosphere is overheated and you can feel Trick Trick’s struggle to prove that he’s the wrong one.

No need to introduce Welcome To Detroit featuring Eminem. The masterpiece was played on nearly each Detroit radio station for months and fully introduces you to the gangsta atmosphere of the Detroit hood.

My Name Is Trick Trick is Christian’s entry. Violins, keyboards, claps are a joyful introduction of a Detroit O.G.
Trick Trick’s raw voice makes the track particularly pleasant.
Better believe the hype is real.

Rich of two different styles, track 5, Attitude Adjustment will marry Trick Trick with Jazze Pha’s southern style. Very beautiful and original style that shouldn’t leave the listeners indifferent.

Big Mistake featuring Mr Porter has the raw sound of the D12 Underground EP bassline that contrats with Denaun Porter’s R’n’B sounding voice combined with Trick Trick’s raspy voice.
Nice gangsta song aimed at the beloved ones that have been lied to.

No More To Say is written on a sophisticated rhythm. Featuring Eminem and Proof, dramatic and definitely gangsta, the song is a warning against people running their mouths.
A track that is very much representative of the streets of Detroit.

Leave Your Past is dedicated to Christian Mathis’ homies. The rhythmic track mixed up with keyboards, claps and soft vocals will introduce you into a nostalgic dimension. The song sounds like prayer and gives the listener a very nice and soft soul music note. An invitation to forget about the dramas of hood life.

Lady, track 9, also softens Trick Trick’s harsh Detroit style.
More romantic, it expresses regrets to the lady of his life.

Let’s Roll is another beautiful Mr Porter- Trick Trick duo written for a party atmosphere.

Before the release of Trick Trick’s album, I had already listened to his nice and rhythmic track « Get Bread ». You gotta love this « hustling style » song. You gotta « get bread » when you live in the hood. Beautiful, raw, rhythmic, the listeners will enjoy a track that fully represents the Detroit ghetto.

Sucha is a quite sarcastic track aimed at the wankstas. If you’re such a gangsta why you fake so much? Better watch your back in front of real killas!

The two last songs War and What Da FXXX feature two other Detroit talents, Obie Trice and Ms Korona (the female emcee that was opposed to Xzibit in 8 Mile).

Globally, Trick Trick’s album is excellent. It is well handled lyrically and instrumentally. I recommend this album to any hip hop lover and particularly to those who are very fond of a raw Detroit gangsta style. Trick Trick doesn’t have to fake himself. He has the credibility and the talent.

The album is an underground jewel that is definitely worth your buy. I promise you that Trick Trick won’t disappoint you.

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