April 22, 2024


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ToyBoy Dating – Young Men Meeting Women of Experience

There’s Ashton and Demi, Madonna and Guy…who’s next? Meryl and Josh? Let’s face it, the dating game is changing. We no longer look twice when a girl asks a guy out pays for her meal. Online dating websites are among the most active on the Internet. Speed dating has seen a dramatic rise in popularity since its inception a decade ago. With the loosening of traditional rules and the expansion of gender roles, many older women – and younger boys – are breaking away from the conventional.

For many younger men, the idea of dating older women is becoming increasingly appealing for a number of reasons.

1) Acceptance. Be it celebrities, politicians or your own brother, having others trail blaze openly makes us much more comfortable as a society with the age gap. Though boy toy couples are still making headlines, it won’t be long until the topic becomes old news.

2) Extended Youth. Women and men are looking younger and younger versus older and older as we age. Though the fountain of youth is yet undiscovered, we are definitely getting close. Working out and eating healthy can turn a forty year old body into that of a twenty-something – thank you yoga! And of course, some turn to cosmetic enhancement, though that is by no means the only way to keep youthful, even if it is the easiest.

3) The Appeal of Experience. Let’s face it, experienced women know what they want, and how to get it. It’s not so much that they don’t have time for games, it’s just that they aren’t into it – games are for kids. For men and women, confidence consistently tops the charts as the most attractive character trait. The assuredness and no-nonsense that older women offer to younger men is becoming increasingly attractive as women in their own age group are more and more often buying into the cute-but-ridiculous style type (thanks a lot, Paris Hilton).

So how can a young man meet a woman of experience, and vice versa? Like any other situation, you’re not likely to find what you’re looking for at the bar. Seek out places that are likely to have men and women of all ages, in a comfortable atmosphere. Street festivals, art shows, museum exhibits and other community events are great for finding and meeting people, plus the subject matter of the event gives you a great conversation starter.

For those who want a more active approach, try specialty nights such as speed dating or other singles events. With the rise of both speed dating and older women-younger men relationships it only makes sense for the two to be combined. Many online or speed dating companies now have services catering specifically to younger men seeking mature women, or vice versa.

The world no longer follows traditional conventions – so neither should you. Expand your horizons and at least think about how much fun a Boy Toy relationship could be for you. As the trend becomes more and more common, who knows if that sexy professor or young pool boy could be your next fun flirtation!