May 20, 2024


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The Most Popular Bangla Actors and Actresses of All Time in Bangla Natok and Cinema

Bangla cinema has produced a long list of fine masterpieces since its early days up to the present. Along with the movies that have ranked up in recognition and popularity, are the actors and actresses whose performances made the films truly memorable.

Popular Bangla actors include:

1) Uttam Kumar

He is acknowledged as “the” super star of Bangla movies as well as the most popular Bangla actor ever. His first movie, Dristidaan, was released in 1948. Since then, he made countless of movies every year up until 1980 when he died unexpectedly of a heart attack. Movie fans especially loved his romantic movies with actress Suchitra Sen.

2) Saumitra Chatterjee

This talented actor is a favorite of Bangla director Satyajit Ray, appearing in about half of all movies made by the great director. He first appeared in the final film of the Apu Trilogy as the struggling Apu. He also appeared in another trilogy, this time in all three movies – Charulata, Samapti, and Ghare Baire, also by Satyajit Ray, called the Calcutta Trilogy. Aside from being an actor, Saumitra Chatterjee also wrote and directed plays in Bangla theatre.

The most popular Bangla actresses are:

1) Suchitra Sen

Considered as the most popular Bangla actress of all time, Suchitra Sen also has the distinction of being the first Indian actress to be given an award from an international film festival. This was the Best Actress award for the movie Saat Paake Bnadha, awarded to her in the 1963 Moscow Film Festival. She is also most loved as the other half of the enduring love team with Uttam Kumar.

2) Supriya Chaudhury

A favorite of film directors during the golden era of Bangla cinema, Supriya Chaudhury acted as the female lead in most of her films. She is mostly remembered for her role in the Bangla natok Meghe Dhaka Tara as Neeta, the breadwinner of a struggling refugee family.