May 20, 2024


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The Mailbox That Demands Curb Appeal

Much ado has been made about curb appeal In the recesses of search engine eternity you will find millions of listings for the term “Curb Appeal.” Curb appeal will eventually become a catch phrase for anyone who owns a home. In fact, if you think about it, Curb Appeal is beneficial to many different types of people: Realtors, Home Owners, Home Sellers, Home Buyers, and Landscapers just to name a few. The culmination of your home is not just your actual structure. It includes the design, aesthetics, neighbors, lawn, garden and most importantly your family. Each one of these is important and equals the totality of what we call “home.” Did you know that curb appeal will affect each of these things? Understand, I am not advocating that curb appeal is the center of your home. But what I am advocating is that curb appeal is a major contributor to the overall value and appeal of your home.

Let me give you an example. Have you ever coordinated a party at your house and then made preparations to entertain? I would be willing to bet that cleaning your house was one of the first things on your to do list. I would also be willing to bet that making sure your lawn area was cared for was another priority on your list; tasks such as cutting the grass, edging, blowing, weeding and putting things in order. Completing these tasks is important because you want to entertain your guests and not worry about the cleanliness or order of your home while you are entertaining. It’s only natural that we want to exemplify a nice clean house.

Did you know that each day people ride by your house and an impression is made about your home? Whether it is the mailman, passer bys, a cable company representative, police or any number of people, an impression of your home starts from the curb. The actual value of your home starts right from the curb. If you have tried to sell your home, chances are your realtor mentioned the importance of curb appeal That’s because if your home sells, it will first sell from the curb.

If your home’s value begins with curb appeal then curb appeal begins with a mailbox. If your mailbox is the center piece of your curb, then it is the center piece of your curb appeal Think about the arrangement in the centerpiece of your dining room table. Would you put just anything as your centerpiece? Would you put some rusty old leaves in a bowl and put in the center of your table and call it a ‘centerpiece?’ The truth is, if your mailbox is situated in front of your home, it is the center piece of your curb appeal There are mailboxes and then there are centerpiece mailboxes.

Your mailbox should demand curb appeal. When I say demand, I mean it requires your curb appeal to evolve around it. Not too long ago, our TV gave out and my wife and I had to purchase a new one. We went ahead and purchased a quality TV since it would be the last one we bought for a long time. So, I got to buy the one I wanted, which is the flat screen LCD with all the bells and whistles. Now, let me ask you a question: Do you think I just stuck the brand new TV in the same place where the last one was? I did not. I rearranged the entertainment center to accommodate a TV that demanded to be the center piece of our entertainment center. The new TV commanded more respect than the old tube TV we had. Same idea with Imperial Mailboxes sold by Enhance My Curb. These are not just mailboxes; these are centerpieces that will enhance your home’s curb appeal, therefore enhancing your home’s value.