May 20, 2024


I Fall For Art

Say That Again

Actor Humphrey Bogart did not say, “Play it again, Sam,” in the 1942 film “Casablanca.” His co-star, Ingrid Bergman, said to the piano player at “Rick’s Cafe Americain Nightclub,” “Play it once, Sam, for old time’s sake. Play ‘As Time Goes By.'” The misquote is memorable. But, how did folks believe that Bogart said it?

“Me Tarzan, you Jane.” This quotation is explained by an interview in which actor Johnny Weissmuller said that his role in “Tarzan the Ape man” did not require his skill as an actor. Explainable, yes, but he did not provide the quote in the film.

William Shatner, playing Captain Kirk in the TV series and films titled, “Star Trek,” did not say, “Beam me up Scotty,” in any of them.

What did Tom Hanks’ character, “Forrest Gump” say about a box of chocolate? Web Search to see if what Gump said in the film is what you heard. These are harmless mis-quotations, but sometimes a misquotation of a real person might change a human outcome.

Web Search, Matthew 28: 16-20. Jesus, three days after his crucifixion and death, defeated death. He appeared to his surviving eleven disciples, as he foretold. Disciple Matthew quoted the resurrected Jesus. You will not find, “Now go forth and grow the Christian Church,” among Jesus’ words. Yet, many Christians believe that Jesus commanded his disciples to do that. Rather, he told his disciples to go out and make more disciples of (I think the meaning is “in”) all of the nations. This command opened up the path to salvation for everyone, not just the Hebrew People to whom Jesus was sent. These verses are known as “The Great Commission.”

Matthew wrote what he heard (the way he remembered it). Matthew also wrote Matthew 18: 20, which (I believe) describes the Christian Church as at least two people who cooperate to worship God (in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). Jesus said in these verses that he would be there with them. That fits with verse 20 of Matthew 28: 16-20. To me, the emphasis appears to be on a disciple who knows and can teach the commands of Jesus to another person who is willing to learn, to accept, and obey the teaching, which enables that second person to become a disciple and teach someone else.