July 20, 2024


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Russian Band “Tokio” Released Third Album “I Choose Love”

The new album of Russian band “Tokio” is the third in a discography of the team, its name was not accidental – in each composition of this release, except for “Schizophrenia of the world”, was found the word “love”. “Love is not simply a relationship between a man and a woman, but, above all, the feeling that we feel to each other in this world – said the leader of Tokio Jaroslav Maly.
Work on the record, took about three years. It was recorded in the studios of several countries – Russia, Britain, France and Portugal. 11 tracks included in the CD have turned out very diverse. “We have put together a few styles and trends – from guitar-trance and techno to rock ballads and lyrical tracks,” – rated sound of his new work frontman of the team.

Album’s first single was the song “Catch Up”, which became the soundtrack of the cult game “Need For Speed” and published in 80 countries of the world. Clip, filmed in Kiev, was the result of a creative alliance of Tokio, popular Ukrainian band “Druga rika and director Victor Skuratovsky. Also this CD inclides the film about the group – “Stars are here and now. Tokio Conductors of love.”

Next to “Catch Up” group intends to film two songs – “I Choose Love” and “Icebreaker Hope”.

Design of release cover was made by 14-year-old daughter of Yaroslav – Jana. “She saw a group of Tokio as four people with one face, but with different shades. And when we are turning home cover, we see an endless number of people with one face and different shades. We are all connected to each other – this understands even young children.”

Recording of material lasted three years, the musicians worked in different parts of the world, collaborated with artists of different genres, so the songs were very diverse. Participation of session musicians, combining guitars, techno, rock and poetry has given a new meaning of music.

Now the band Tokio plans to create clips for other songs, promising that these videos would be truly spectacular: will be involved military equipment, about which actors are in talks with the Ministry of Defense.

Band Tokio became famous after participation in the festival “Maksidroom-2003”. Tokio received the title of “main musical finding” of the year. And their songs “The Star”, “Snow” and “Heart” confidently stand on the top lines of the charts. Today the group Tokio has to its credit two albums, the third is already being prepared and will be released in two versions: in English and Russian languages.