July 13, 2024


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Online Article Submission Sites and Social Networks Considered

Online Article Submission Sites and Social Networks Considered

The top online article submission sites on the Internet have hundreds of thousands of articles online and they range in a variety of topics across the spectrum of human interests and endeavors.

One of the most popular topics and subjects for online writers and readers is the Internet, which makes sense because that is the medium in which these online amateur authors and professional writers post their articles. Sure, some of the articles make their way into print mediums and trade journals and that goes without saying, yet most are indeed used in Ezines and as Internet Content.

The articles written about the Internet span a broad spectrum of topics. There are articles about business on the Internet such as; Web Hosting, Design, Development, E-Commerce, Online Auctions, SEO Writing, Domain Names, Selling E-Books and Internet Marketing.

There are articles on how to get the customers there and make money while they are and thus topics on; Affiliate Revenue, Site Promotion, RSS, Traffic Building and PPC Advertising.

Then security is an issue so there are Internet Security Topics and there are bandwidth issues and thus categories of Audio and Video Streaming and even Podcasting. Internet viewers may not be satisfied with this alone and so there are articles on Bloggin and Internet Forums.

Email marketing is also a way to make money on the Internet and yet it has been abused by some so there are articles on; Email Marketing, Spam Blocking, Spyware, Autoresponders, Ezine Publishing and proper etiquette in email list building.

Yet in all of this not one; including the number one online article submission site with over 28,000 authors and almost 300,000 articles has a special category of the hottest new trend on the Internet; Internet Social Networks. So if someone was truly progressive and on the ball out there then their website would include a sub-category of Online or Internet Social Networks. Consider all this in 2006.