April 24, 2024


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How to Select A Competent Human Resource Manager

What is the greatest asset of every organization? I believe almost all employers’ answer is the same, i.e. the human capital. The employees are the greatest assets because they contribute most to their organizations’ success.

Who is taking care of the employees then? The Human Resource Manager is the most important person who is responsible in developing the employees. For companies who are still searching for capable human resource manager, I am here to share with you some opinions which you can make use of during your selection.

In order to be qualified as a manager, a person needs to have at least a degree in Human Resources Management. Besides, he or she is required to have 5-8 years of working experiences in the related field. You can’t appoint anyone without experience to be the manager because he or she may not be equipped with necessary experiences dealing with all levels of people. In other words, having the ability to handle employee relation is a must. No employer wish to see their employees going on strike.

In order to take up the post, the candidates must have the knowledge of employment and the regulatory laws and regulations. At the same time, they must be familiar with the current human resource issues and practices in the job market. They play the most crucial role in doing selection and recruitment of the right talents.

Seriously speaking, many organizations are suffering from financial hardships during economy downturn. Only strong companies are able to survive. To be frank, in order for the companies to sustain stably, the human resource manager plays an important role here. He or she must be able to plan and communicate with all the employees closely to know their problems and challenges. The manager should be able to foster positive attitude among employees so that they are motivated to strive hard to achieve organizational objectives.

To be honest, the role of the human resource manager is not to find fault with the employees. He or she should not misuse of the authority. Being the employers, you are reminded to define the responsibilities of the human resource manager clearly. The position is not purposely created to carry out disciplinary procedures on the employees. The role of the manager is to ensure that all the human resource issues are dealt efficiently and promptly at the best interest of the organizations as well as the employees. No organization is established to take advantage from staff.