June 19, 2024


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How to Learn Magic – Top Tips in Performing Magic Tricks

Magic can be amazing to both young people and adults that it can at most times bring smiles and wonder to their faces. As magicians are not born with their powers to do amazing magic tricks, you can however learn to do amazing magic and impress the people around you. Indeed, you can find a lot of resources to help you on how to learn magic.

To make an effective magician however, there are things that you need to consider to make your magic tricks amazing and believable. Here are some tips that you might find useful in improving your magic trick performances.

– Determine the proper timing of your tricks. Magic can be a great ice beaker, a conversation starter and of course, an added entertainment when life becomes boring. In performing magic, it is also important to consider your audience. One tip to make your magic more appealing is to perform your tricks when you are asked and not just boast to everyone that you can do this and that. You can also simple tricks to a few people and test if they like the magic. Choose a very quick magic and start from there. If they love more, then you can show them more.

– Make sure that your magic is age appropriate. Some magic may involve cutting of the head in the box and similar other tricks that may not be good for young audiences, so make sure you know your audience and choose magic that is appropriate.

– Don’t make your magic too long. People can grow tired of course, and having a long magic may wear away their interest to be attentive. Especially if you are working with children, remember to pick magic tricks that are short and entertaining as this often captures the kid’s interests.

– Think of a magic trick that is not too old. If you are picking a very old magic, chances are, some or most of your audience may have seen them already especially in these times that the internet is also used by others to divulge the secrets of magic. Think of something more unique and not known. Better yet, make sure your magic is nowhere to be found online, or else, you will be performing something that does not have any thrill at all.

– When you are performing magic for an adult audience, choose tricks that use the quickness of your hands and not those gimmicks as this will add more appeal to your magic tricks. Adults are hard to please when it comes to magic, so please them with your quick hand skills.

One tip that can add appeal to your performances is to leave your audience wanting more. For experts, magic should be done only once with the same audience. Of course, that would make sense as the trick may be divulged if you perform it too many times with the same audience.