April 24, 2024


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Ghana, a Paradise for Beach Combers and Backpackers

The country of Ghana is less explored but still it has many treasures to entertain visitors coming to the city. The major attraction of this African nation is its historical treasure that is preserved in its museums, castles, galleries, and ancient buildings. Visitors take cheap Ghana flights for many reasons and one of the most prominent reasons is the coastline of Ghana. The capital city of the country, Accra is very well known as Gold Coast. The country boasts some best spots for swimming, surfing, and skiing. Most of these places are located in Accra.

Labadi Pleasure Beach: If you are in mood of having fun then Labadi Beach is a good place to chill out. It is the place to have many out door and entertainment activities such as meeting people, going for a walk, eating out, shopping, shopping done, playing water sports, and having a party or picnic. If you take your Ghana flights along with your family you will find this coastline family friendly as well as its locals hospitable to visitors. It is well known as beach of S’s that is an abbreviation for sun, sand, sea, star bear, and sweet sounds of Ghanaian music. Some special concerts are arranged on weekends.

Kokrobrite Beach: Ihe beach is known so because of its location at small fishing village of Kokrobite in Accra. This two miles long beach has much to entertain you. Now it’s your task to surf what you want. Although it’s not a very well developed beach but still it has earned its reputation as a vibe place among locals and those getting into the region taking flights to Ghana. Its serene environment, secluded natural beauty, and dramatic backdrop of hills are its best highlights.

Cocoloco Beach: Cocoloco is a paradise for animals as well as water sports lovers because it is breeding place for variety of sea animal species and also home to a bird sanctuary. If you are an animal lover then you must take cheap flights to Ghana and visit this spot to experience animal life at first hand. The area is well served with camping and accommodation facilities.

Alaska Beach: It is comparatively a calm and peaceful beach then other Ghanaian beaches. Because of the calmness and peace it is the good place to stretch your legs. Visitors taking flights to Ghana and other spots like to spend some time at this quite shore line after a day tour of the region.