June 18, 2024


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Getting Creative With Your Masturbation

Putting a guy in a room with a computer and nothing to do is a pretty good recipe for masturbation. (For some of us, putting a guy in a room with a computer is a recipe for masturbation even if he has a lot of other things he could or should be doing!) Seriously, though, a steady relationship with masturbation can be an important component of good penis care. But even men who are ardent masturbation enthusiasts may find they occasionally want to get creative and add something new to their solo sexual play.

For men wanting to be creative about how they masturbate, the following tips should prove helpful.

– Go spiky. Many novelty stores sell rubber-like wigs that have spikes all over them. (Be sure to choose a rubber spiked wig, not one with harder spikes.) These can be utilized in masturbatory play to create a new experience. Once back at home, give it a quick wash and then dry it thoroughly. Take a little lubricant and spread it around the spikes, then turn the wig inside out so the spikes are on the inside. Fold the wig around the penis and begin masturbating. The spikes create a tingling sensation all over the penis which can be intensely pleasurable.

– Get wet outdoors. Masturbating outdoors can add a special thrill to the endeavor, but it obviously comes with a big risk. This can be counteracted if one masturbates outdoors but in private, such as in a fenced-in backyard. However, even with lack of a fence, it may be possible to fondle outside relatively safely if the yard contains a swimming pool or hot tub. As long as the hands and penis are kept below the waterline, and as long as a dude doesn’t get too obvious, he may be able to pleasure himself without drawing undue attention. (Be sure to take appropriate steps for sanitizing the tub or pool after ejaculating, of course.)

– Get compressed. Obtain a pair of spandex compression shorts (such as bicyclists often wear) and masturbate with them on. The feeling of the spandex against the erect penis can be very sensual.

– Try brushing. This takes some practice, but can be worth it. Using an electric toothbrush (set initially on the lowest setting), run the brush all along the penis and balls. The sensations are explosive, similar to a mini-vibrator.

– Try flossing. Some guys who use the toothbrush technique also like to tie some floss around the base of the penis, creating a kind of makeshift penis ring. (Be sure not to do this for very long, as extended tightness can be painful and damaging.)

– Go bananas. Bananas are a very healthy fruit, but after eating one a guy is left with the question: What to do with the banana peel now? One easy answer: slip it over a handy erect penis and turn it into a masturbatory aid. The slipperiness and cushiness of the peel can feel exquisite. (Do be sure to properly wash off the penis afterward – and properly dispose of the peel, of course.)

Being creative with masturbation can make a fun experience even more enjoyable. Of course, so much fun may lead to overdoing things and a sore penis, so be sure to have on hand a first class penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). The penis will feel much better if it can be rejuvenated by a crème with a dynamic duo of hydrating agents, such as all-natural Shea butter and vitamin E. If the crème also contains vitamin A, so much the better: that vitamin has antibacterial properties that can help eliminate stubborn penis odors that are especially pronounced in men who are sexually active to a high degree.