July 20, 2024


I Fall For Art

English Creative Writing

To start with, creative writing is an artistic form of writing that allows you to make up a short story from your head without having to rewrite a script, but make do of the topic idea that comes from your head. It is what amounts to your capacity to write a creative piece without being too professional with your writing skills.

Creative writing in English and creative writing are just about the same term used in different forms for the same purpose describing the artistic nature of writing as per region of taught.

As complex as it may seem it involves the use of emotional style of writing with an idea to carry the reader into the reality of the story in their present, this is one form of writing a short story such as poem, fiction or screen script without been too professional about it in approach to story style.

However writing creatively in English makes writing much more fun and easy to start with, either as starter or a Pro writer courtesy to availability of work loads of materials to practice the fun side of writing transcribed in English to carry you along.

In conclusion all you have to do as a creative writer in English is to research what topic you want to write on and “Walla!” here you are provided with ideas to pick from for that good start in English creative writing.

What you make of your time learning the art of writing in a well mannered and well outlined way makes it more fun for you to get by with practicing the art of writing a good piece of work, such that they know they are in for a swell time getting the story from your work.