April 22, 2024


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Creative Ways to Ask a Girl Out

Ok, look. You’ve been eying on this drop-dead gorgeous girl since last summer. But, you simply don’t have the guts to say hi to her. What should you do? How about this: Try to find creative ways to ask a girl out! Yes. Most of the time, memorizing pick lines don’t work. So why even bother trying? The real way to score with that chick is to find creative ways to ask a girl out.

Don’t swallow the entire book of “Fantastic Pick Up Lines”. It’ll reap you nada results. Try now to be more natural and as creative as possible. Boy, if you are successful, she would probably feel that you have swept her off her feet (like totally!).

In first place, why must you go on the hassle to find creative ways to ask a girl out? The reason is simply because, girls (particularly teenage girls) love special attention in a creative way.

Your lucky stars must be shinning on you. Look at some of the tips that we have got to offer you in helping you win that special date! Some of you guys might find these tips a little bit cheeky (but hey! Girls love cheeky guys!) But, seriously, it’s worth the try dude.

Do try out these simple and creative tricks to asking a girl out:

#1 Leave her a handwritten letter in her locker. You might have difficulties writing, but just express what your intention is and sound as sweet as possible. She would probably melt!

#2 Leave her a small gift at her doorstop, along with a note, telling her about your intentions and sole purpose of the gift. As a hint, do find out a little bit about her, so as you get to impress her with the correct gift.

#3 Get a white t-shirt and write out “Will you go out with me? Wash this shirt and look at the back to find out who wants to go out with you!” Then, turnover the shirt and write at the back a bunch of guys names, in washable ink. And lastly, write your name in permanent ink. She will wash the shirt and yours will be the only name left.

#4 Have someone trace the outline of your body on the sidewalk in front of her house. Then, leave a note looking like a police report, which includes asking her if she would go out with you.

#5 Get some chocolate Hershey Kisses and make a trail from one place to another where she usually goes. From the start of the trail, leave a note telling her to follow it, and at the end leave a note saying, “Now that I’ve kissed the ground you walk on, will you go to the dance with me?” Sounds terribly cheeky, but definitely worth the try.

#6 Get some paper and pen, and draw up a crossword puzzle. Set the puzzle such that upon completion, your name would be revealed as part of the puzzle.

#7 Make your own jigsaw puzzle. Write “Will you go out with me” big and clear and cut the piece of paper and form a jigsaw puzzle. Of course, do remember to include your name.

These tips would be more than sufficient to let you win the idle date! But, do remember: Don’t’ let it cross your mind to ask a girl out over the phone or worst, the Internet! That is definitely a no-no from us. Have fun with these creative tips!