July 13, 2024


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Canton Jones – Changing the Face of Hip-Hop

Canton Jones – Changing the Face of Hip-Hop

Arrow Records recording artist, Canton Jones, is more than a blip on the hip-hop industry radar. In five years and with three albums to his credit, Jones has mastered the art of appealing to mixed audiences (children, youth, and adults) in the U.S. and abroad.

How does he do it?

One distinguishing factor between Jones and his industry counterparts is his lyrics. Also noticeable is Jones’ seamless ability to create music and entertain without compromising his values.

There was a point in Jones’ life where he did not believe he could make music and still be a Christian so he settled for the former. Today he finds satisfaction in having the best of both worlds and confidently expresses his faith in song. According to Jones, “having faith in God and a strong family network” attributes to his ability, keen sense of purpose, drive, and devotion.

Dubbed as a hip-hop, rhythm and praise (R&P) artist, Jones’ music is both inspiring and exciting. His summer 2005 project, the Love Jones album, was named for daughter, Love. Less like the movie by the same title, album tracks speak to having fun and enjoying life less stress and the heartaches that come with making the wrong decisions. His current album, The Password: Access Granted was also released in 2005. In addition to a live recording, the album includes fan favorites: “Love Song,” “Everybody Dancin’,” “Cute,” and “On the Floor.”

A frequent participant in Radio-One events (Spring Fest, Birthday Bash, and the Dirty Awards), Jones has also graced the stage at the Vibe MusicFest and David Banner’s Heal the Hood hurricane Katrina fundraiser. Although he is usually the only hip-hop R&P artist on mainstream concert rosters, Jones holds his own on stage–a glimpse of what is to be expected from this thriving artist.

In addition to touring through the summer, Jones plans to release his fourth album this fall. With versatility and crossover appeal, Canton Jones is destined to change the face of hip-hop forever.