June 18, 2024


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Astral Projection – 7 Steps to Prepare For an Out of Body Experience

Astral Projection is not difficult but there are certain steps that you have to take in order to prepare yourself for the experience. You don’t need any props or extras, it is you who will get yourself ‘out there’, you and the correct mindset.

The first is that you have to want to, this may seem obvious but the desire to astral project is essential, it is more than just want, or wish, or ‘yes that would be nice,’ it is intense desire. It is the pull of this desire that will keep up the momentum.

The second is technique, choose a technique that is suited to you. There are many astral projection techniques described in various books and on Internet. There is not a ‘best’ method as it depends what works for you. Try a few, see which one you prefer and stick with that.

This leads me to the third step, which is consistency, once you have chosen your technique stick with it, be consistent in your practice, don’t put it off by doing it one day and not the next, or do it for a week then skip a week. What we are actually doing is programming our minds so the programming won’t work if you don’t approach it in the right way.

The fourth essential in preparing yourself for astral projection is determination, you know you can do it, don’t just believe, KNOW. You have to be determined, it is the same with any goal we want to reach in life, determination is strong and steady, it doesn’t give up due to minor setbacks. Determination keeps pushing forward.

The fifth is saturation with astral projection information, read about it, join a forum and talk about it, make it a part of you. Like learning any new skill you have to programme it to your subconscious first before it becomes automatic, so you have to fill your life with it. Use affirmations, read, write and live astral projection.

The sixth is letting go of any fear and anxiety you may have astral projection, fear only can stop you from ever getting out as fear prevents, it constricts, there is no place for fear here. Familiarise yourself with what can happen during the process of leaving your body and when you are in the astral. Get to know the astral through the experience of others so you can go on without fear to enjoy astral projection yourself.

This leads on to the seventh step in preparing yourself for astral projection, objectivity. Develop an objective mind, there is so much going on the the astral that if you don’t prepare yourself to remain calm and objective there is a strong possibility that you won’t get as much as you could from an astral experience. Teach your mind to observe and question, teach yourself not to react from your emotions and keep a clear head.

In astral projection we are projecting ourselves inwards, it can be the first step towards coming to know who we really are, towards becoming truly conscious.