April 24, 2024


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100 Promises to My Baby (Book Review)

When I read the first few pages of this book, I thought to myself that I had come across, finally, a book that goes further than a how-to baby book in the physical sense.

I also have to admit that what hooked me in the beginning was the quote from Tagore, opposite the contents page. “Every child is born proof that God has not given up on human beings.” That is a quote I have always repeated to myself all through my life and all through the hectic times of our present-day history.

We take our baby raising tasks as if our babies are objects and they should be handled in a certain way. We always forget that there is a person inside that tiny being, and more importantly, that person has a soul. In contrast, Mallika Chopra’s book raises our understanding of having children to a higher level, to the level of the soul, by reflecting her deep awareness of the responsibilities of becoming a mother.

The author, who has a physician’s training, started writing this book when she was expecting her first child. In the introduction of the book she says she wanted to bond with her baby early on and started making her promises as a mother. Thus, this book was born out of the author’s pledge to her baby so the baby could fulfill her potential and her purpose in life.

The author may have addressed the mothers, but fathers, too, can benefit greatly from this book. In close inspection, the book does not only relate the author’s personal stories and commitment, but also, it influences mothers as well as fathers everywhere to think about their roles as parents.

“100 Promises to My Baby” has about ten chapters with titles like values, purpose, love, miracles, spirit, lessons, and traditions. With love and compassion as its highest goal, the book is interspersed with poetry, like that of Khalil Gibran, quotes from the Bhagavad Gita, definitions, and at the end of each chapter, some very precious reflections.

What I liked most about the book was the charming style of telling personal stories. I believe, in a book, almost any reader looks for the personal touch or for anything of human interest, and here, that human interest gives this book its true depth.

The book, with ISBN:1594861293, has 252 pages and is in hardcover with an elegant white overlay.

The author, Mallika Chopra, is daughter of Deepak Chopra and mother of two children. A partner in Chopra Media and in the K Lounge in New York City, she is an author and producer with a medical school background. Her book, “100 Promises to My Baby” is a gift to mankind that will never go out of style.