June 18, 2024


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White Silk Aviator Scarf – Fashionable and Practical

White silk aviator scarves have become very popular these days and are a latest trend in the world of fashion… for men and women! These are definitely not just for people who fly planes although the name has been derived from them.

Fashion lovers all over the world admire these scarves due to their exquisite sheen, softness and perfect quality. These scarves look stunning when worn with any dress. You can buy one not just in pure white color but in solid black too.

The good thing about an aviator scarf is that it can be worn with formal suits, pullovers, or even denims. So, you are not restricted to wearing such scarves to any particular form of dress. You can choose from different varieties that are available in the market.

Among different colors of aviator scarves, a white colored aviator scarf made from silk is the most in-thing in fashion. There are different stories and theories behind the popularity of white colored aviator scarves and all of which share one thing in common, that is, white silk aviator scarves are loved by men. A popular theory says that such scarves were commonly worn as opera scarves.

A white aviator scarf is a perfect accessory with a leather jacket especially when worn by pilots while flying an open-cockpit airplane. This is due to the fact that in an open-cockpit plane, wearing them along with a leather jacket helps them to move their necks freely and yet remain protected from strong chilly winds. Also, they were worn with leather jackets to provide protection against chafing in the neck area.

The reason of choosing silk aviator scarves over woolen scarves is that just like the leather, it might cause chafing around the neck. However, to seek protection from cold, some tightly weaved fabric which is soft is needed to be wrapped around the neck. And both these qualities are found in these practical accessories.

When purchasing such scarves from the market, you must buy long scarves, ideally of six feet in length. The reason is that you need to wrap it around your neck a couple of times. Although you may find some aviator scarves in red or blue color, nothing can be compared to the classic beauty of white silk aviator scarves.

Just use your imagination and explore a plethora of styles and ways of wearing an aviator scarf and make yourself become the envy of all eyes.