February 22, 2024


I Fall For Art

What’s the Difference Between a Scrapbook and a Photo Album?

In a word, Words!!

Everyone knows a picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes it is those few extra words that make all the difference.

Picture this (pun intended!)…

A page in a photo album of an elderly woman and a young girl, both blowing out the candles on the old lady’s birthday cake. Wonderful. It tells the story of these two people, obviously caring for each other, sharing an important moment. Very nice.

Even nicer, is if someone adds the words “Happy Birthday Grandma!” to the bottom. But, isn’t that a little obvious? It doesn’t really add anything to the story or the sentiment behind the picture.

But what about a scrapbook page, lovingly decorated in Grandma’s favourite deep pink colours, with a little glitter sprinkled about and the words “Beautiful young people are works of nature; beautiful old people are works of art”. How nice is that? It shows that the person who created the scrapbook page wants us to see that both the people in the picture are beautiful, and it makes us smile.

Where are you going to find words like that though? And, given a collection of snapshots, where will you find inspiration to help you decide how to arrange them all, how to decorate each page, and what sentiments you want to express for each picture in your scrapbook?

You need special words to make a special scrapbook. Scrapbooking is an art, but sometimes you need a little inspiration too.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a list ready to hand of some wonderful phrases like “My guardian angel has a tough job”, or “40 isn’t old if you’re a tree”, or one of my favourites “At my age happy hour is nap time”?

Well you know what I’m going to say next, don’t you? There are lists available for just that purpose on the Internet. Look around, you never know what you can find.