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VENTMAN – An Interview with David Turner, a TN Ventriloquist

1. What is one thing every Ventriloquist must do?

Speak clearly and be heard. Sound is important for both the ventriloquist and the figure.

2. What is one thing every Ventriloquist must avoid?

Lip movement while venting.

I recommend:

1). Practice, practice, practice! Practice especially the words with B, M, P sounds. Have someone to video tape your performance. If you see your lips moving, so will everyone else.

2.) Keep a natural look on your face while venting. Experiment with different expressions on your face (remember avoid lip movement) reacting to what your figure is saying to you, for example shock, pity, disgust, etc.

3. Is Ventriloquism something that is here to stay?

Yes! I think so. I will do my part to keep it alive.

4. Can someone work successfully as a Ventriloquist if they are in a crowded niche?

Yes! Be who you are, be original, and be creative. There is nobody like you.

5. What has Ventriloquism done for you?

When I hear about someone venting, I think about someone speaking their mind, voicing their opinions, or sharing their feeling to other people. That is what ventriloquism has done for me. Through ventriloquism, I get to share my laughs, my faith, my humor, my singing ability and my creativity with other people.

Ventriloquism has taken me overseas to help entertain our military troops; it feels good to be able to entertain our troops, to see them laugh and smile because they give so much everyday. Venting has helped me make numerous friends around the world. It has also made my closest friend closer, my wife (Roenia). She is my secretary, piano player, music coordinator, my traveling partner and my best friend.

6. What trends to you currently see in Ventriloquism?

Ventriloquists are “HOT!” You see them in movies (okay, the movies do not stay long at the theaters… so what!), commercials, talent shows, sitcoms, etc. I think you are going to see many singing ventriloquists and their figures. Maybe, in the future you will see Ryan Seacrest hosting “American Idol Lips,” for ventriloquists only.

7. When did you first become interested in Ventriloquism?

When I was in the 5th grade, my best friend said he was getting a dummy for Christmas. I had never thought about dummies or ventriloquists until that moment. All I knew, if my best friend, Jimmy, was getting a dummy I wanted one, too. I received a Danny-O-Day figure with a Jimmy Nelson instant ventriloquist LP album.

December 25, 1969 was the beginning of a great adventure. Funny how things work out; my best friend did not receive a dummy for Christmas but I am thankful he wanted one!

Angela Scott

© September 30, 2007