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Top 5 Tips How To Make The Most Of Your Wedding Photography Album

Top 5 Tips How To Make The Most Of Your Wedding Photography Album

1) Pick the right venue for your wedding photography:

Pick a beautiful town or city with a lot of different venues that allow for a tremendous amount of creativity in creating your wedding photography.

Location, location location is vital: pick classic locations such as: historical architecture, modern or contemporary architecture, or in nature such as open fields, rivers or by lakefronts.

Timing is everything: Choose to stay away from mid-day photo shoots. The best time for photographs would be around 2 hours before sunset or just after sunrise. Your photos will look best at these times because of the unique lighting provided by mother nature.

2) Brides! Fall in love with your hair and make-up

Pick a style that flatters you completely. You must be relaxed and feeling confident in your wedding photos and this starts with hair and makeup that feels incredible. When you’re confident in your appearance, that will show in the photos and make for stunning results.

Get your hair and makeup done by a professional stylist: You should not have a problem finding a professional bridal stylist in your city or town. Today, most stylists offer bridal hair and makeup services, and there are some very talented stylists out there.

3) Strive for comfort when picking out the bridal gown

Comfort is almost important as style: Remember you’ll be moving around all throughout your wedding day. So your comfort is of vital importance. For instance, if you’re wearing a dress that hugs your body in all the uncomfortable areas, then unfortunately, it will show throughout the day, as well as in your wedding photos.

4) Make use of props

Use props and have fun with them during the photo shoot: Using props for your wedding photographs will give you and your partner with a lot to do during your shoot and, more importantly, this will make the images feel less scripted.

Keep it simple: Incorporate elements of the decor or pick something personal and sentimental like a gift your parner gave you on your first date. Teddy bears, love letters, and helium balloons are all excellent examples of props that you can pick to use in your wedding photos.

5) Be aware of your best angles at all times during the shoot

This is mostly the job of the wedding photographer. But it definitely also helps if you know which side composes your best angle. You best angle must be captured in every shot.

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