June 18, 2024


I Fall For Art

The Singing Waiters – A Short History

We thought we would share our thoughts on our love of the singing waiters or the 3 waiters, a concept which might at first seem odd but is loved by so many. So why is the idea so popular? Surely you just want your waiter to serve your food and pour your wine, be courteous and friendly but ultimately be seen but not heard, or not heard loudly!

Where did our love of the singing waiters start? Was it an old Hollywood movie, like the Hollywood Hotel in 1937, where the star, a poor rejected actor turns to life as a singing waiter and then noticed by the studio that turned him down becomes a hit! Or did it come from the famous Irving Berlin who part of an immigrant family in New York at the turn of the twentieth century earned his money by leading a singing beggar into cafés. It was not long before the enterprising Berlin had composed and was singing his first composition in a restaurant famously known as Pelham’s Café.

Our love comes from our love of the unexpected and our appreciation of talent. There is something very special about seeing someone in one light and then seeing them in another. The singing waiter goes from the ordinary guy who is quietly minding his business attending to your needs to an extraordinary entertainer who amazes you with his talent. His expertise believe it or not is not in serving food but in entertaining at the highest level at the country’s top opera houses. He is performing for you, live, close up, something that you would never normally have the opportunity to experience. He’s revealed himself to you and the fun now begins.

Your singing waiter amazes you and your guests with an incredible rendition of “La Donna E Mobile”, he has you waving your glasses in the air from side to side as you join him in the “Brindisi” from Verdi’s La Traviata, “O Sole Mio” and before the night is out everyone is on their feet as your singing waiter turns to opera singer extraordinaire performing “Nessun Dorma” to cheers of encore!

From wedding entertainment to charity fundraisers to corporate events the singing waiters is a concept that brings an event to life. The shock, the surprise, the amazement, the drama, the desire for more, all thanks to the ordinary guy who was serving your food and pouring your wine!