July 13, 2024


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The Movie “The Notebook” and the Law of Attraction

The Movie “The Notebook” and the Law of Attraction

The Notebook is my favorite romance movie and a wonderful movie to explain the LAW OF ATTRACTION. It is the story of a young man named Noah, who at the opening of the movie, spots the love of his life, Allie Hamilton. The moment he sees Allie, her knows this is who he is WANTING and he is steady and faithful to this knowledge throughout the entire movie. He comes on screen as a relaxed and easy going young man, who lives day to day, in the state of ‘Source Energy.”

It is the story of how a man, who from the moment he sees Allie, falls instantly in love with her. His love for her, throughout the movie never falters, not once. Even after Allie is forced to leave the town where they met because her parents do not want her marrying a man of such a low class, Noah continues to love her. He writes her 365 letters for a one year period trying to keep his connection to her, and then finds out that Allie’s mother takes all the letters and Allie does not see any of them.

Allie thinks that Noah does not want to see or hear from her again, because he does not write to her. She ends up meeting another man, Lon, when she was working as a nurse at a veteran’s hospital. After a while Lon asks her to marry him and she agrees.

In one scene, Noah and Allie are in a big old run down house where they are going to make love for the first time and Noah shares that he wants to build a house some day on this very site and he starts to talk about what it will look like and Allie says

“What about me, don’t I get any say in all of this?” and Noah responds “do you want a say in this” and Allie say “well ya, I want a white house with blue shutters and a big old porch wrapped right around the whole porch” and Noah promises then and there that, what she WANTS, he will build.

After one year, he writes one last letter saying, “good – bye” and then stops writing to Allie. He goes off to war and upon his return, his father has sold his house and bought the house that is on the lake for Noah.

At one point, after Noah’s time spent at war, Noah goes to a town for some business and ends up seeing Allie, on the street. He follows her and he observes her meeting her new fiance. He kind of snaps emotionally, goes back home and begins to renovate the old house that his father has bought for him, with a fury like never before. It is like he is obsessed with the idea of creating this that Allie wanted, believing that she would return to him.

Throughout, one knows that Noah is still deeply in love with Allie, and reference is made several times to the fact that Allie is still in love with Noah. When Allie sees a photo of Noah at his newly renovated house in the paper, she faints and begins to think of Noah non-stop even though her fiance Lon is waiting…..

Allie decides to take a few days off to go and visit Noah and see how he is. He is stunned by her visit and his love for her becomes immediately rekindled.

He has never stopped “WANTING” her and the universe has now summoned the resources to connect the two of them again. This is the Law of Attraction in Action…what one thinks about and feels about, gets brought about.

They spend time in the house that Noah has renovated, doing exactly what he had agreed to do several years ago, the white house with blue trim and a porch around the whole house and a room for Allie to do her painting. It is the same house that they first made love in years previous. And they talk and reminisce about old times and how they really loved each other back then….Noah invites Allie to go for a boat ride the next day and while they are rowing it starts to pour rain. They end up in gales of laughter and the old love between them comes blazing back into both of their hearts.

At the end of the boat ride, Allie confronts Noah and asks “Why didn’t you write” and Noah tells her he wrote 365 letters, one a day for a year, which has Allie confused because she did not receive them. It also rekindles her love for him like never before.

They make mad passionate love and all of the old feelings flood back to both of them. Allie then confronts her mother about the missing letters and her mother gives them all to her. And at a dramatic moment the key question arrives from Noah to Allie, he say in anger “Stop thinking about what everyone else wants” Noah yells “what do you want?? What do you want?”

Allie realizes that she has to make a choice between Noah or Lon…

The universe found a way to reconnect both of them in order to manifest this love that both have yearned for for so long.

Allie, of course, chooses Noah and the story rushes forward to near the end of their lives when Allie has alzheimers disease and Noah is staying in the hospital where Allie is and together they transition to the other side on screen.

One scene the commentator has Noah saying “I am just an ordinary man and I have done one thing well, I have loved a woman with all of my heart and soul.” As an older man Noah says to Allie when she is feeling lost… “Nothing is ever lost or can be lost”

A lovely movie of the Law of Attraction in action.