July 20, 2024


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NLP – 8 Techniques to Reframe a Bad Past Experience of Your Life for a Brighter Side

At the end of this article, you will be amazed to find out a new YOU. You may not be aware but whatever you do, is in one way or the other is connected to your past life experiences. NLP discloses a small secret to you that your positive past experience can guide you positively in your life on the contrary the negative past experience can block your path of progress. It is a proven fact.

Sometimes it has been evident that a person knows what he wants out of his life and the ways to achieve that goal in his life. Yet he is unsuccessful in his life. Do you know what made him unsuccessful in achieving his target? His past experiences are not allowing to move ahead in life.

Every one has a darker side in their lives. You must have suffered a situation when you were terribly hurt. NLP states that you were not unfortunate because you suffered a bad experience, but you are unfortunate because you are allowing that bad experience to still reside in you. Good and bad times are the part of life. Abraham Lincoln faced grievances in his life but still he was successful. In fact, he was successful because he experienced the grievances in his life.

The most unfortunate thing is that your past experiences hurt you in the past and they are still hurting you as they compel to pass by the opportunities that you deserve. NLP can help you frame your experiences in the new way for the brighter side of your life.

All you have to do is to follow the NLP exercise, so that the thought of your bad experience may not disturb you anymore:

Step 1. Choose a comfortable place: Sit in a comfortable position where you are not disturbed. Make yours self completely relaxed and calm.

Step 2. Recall the past memory of the event with NLP: Now, think about the matter, which is disturbing you. Recall the time when you faced that situation. Go back to that time when you actually faced that in your life. As you recall the past scene, use all your senses to recollect the event.

This is one of the most powerful techniques in NLP:

1. See (the people around you)

2. Hear sounds

3. Feel (either you are tense or upset)

4. Smell or taste

With NLP Relate your event with all your sensory organs. This is one of the popular NLP technique of recalling the past events of your life. This way you will easily find out the way in which it affects you.

Step 3. NLP helps you to check out the effect of the past thought on you: Now, notice how does that event or happening of the bad experience affects you or your emotions. How do you feel? Are you still affected to that past experience of your life? What affect does it have on you?

Step 4. Choose a sum-up scene: After you review the experience of your past life, pick up one scene from that which sums up the whole experience. Once you do that, freeze it into a still scene.

Step 5. Frame that scene: Now, you need to put a frame around that scene. Think about what kind of frame would you use for this scene? Ex. Wooden, ornamental or sliver metal? Play around this, until you have found a frame like your own personality.

Step 6. Make the scene into a picture or a photograph: What kind of photo would you like to make out of that. Choose it of your own choice. It can be a colored or black and white photo. This NLP technique works wonders.

Step 7. Hang that photo or painting in a museum: Wait for a minute and smell the air in the museum, listen to the sounds and feel how it likes to be there. Glance at your past experience hanging on the walls of museum. Check out how do you feel now? Do they still affect you in any way? How do you feel now and how does your body react to that?

Step 8. Now convince your mind totally that, the bad experience that was disturbing or hurting is totally gone. You are now free. Notice how it feels like. This is one of the powerful NLP techniques. NLP has helped you to get rid of the bad experience that was not allowing you to live a free and comfortable life. With NLP you are no more the victim of the past disruptive events or happenings of your life.