July 20, 2024


I Fall For Art

Moving From Broad Topic to Article Idea

If you mention that you want to write an article about money to an editor. he or she would probably turn it down. What about money? In other words, what aspect of money do you want to write about?

To find out. you need to break the topic down.


1l FREEWRITE on paper or online, Quickly jot down whatever word or words that occur to you when you hear the word money. Keep going without stopping to edit, Nothing has to be perfect at this point! Streiving for perfection will only slow you down. Write anything and everything until you cannot think of any more words related to money. You can always go back and delete terms that you don’t need

2, EDIT your list by checking words that interest or inrgue you the,most. Delete any words that are not needed

3. Now focus on words that interested you. Do they seem to suggest an aspect of money to you? What words can you use to make a statement about some aspect of

4. WRITE that statement down. Take some time to hone and focus it until it says exactly what you want it to say. That time will be well spent. If you’re still not sure, write a rough draft of your article. Usually your draft’s last paragraph will have you nodding and thinking. Yrs, that is what I really want to write about!

5. OUTLINE your article by listing what you want yto say. Do this by first writing your statement down. Next, organize those statements, beginning with the most important one Leave plenty of space for explanations and examples to support your statements. You will have a rough draft of an outline. Now, you can draw boxes and arrpows to indicate the location of really important stuff, but be careful not to overdo and use too many! Otherwise, you wi;; become confused and wind up starting over. Finally, use this draft to develop and support your ideas. Make sure that one idea flows smoothly to the next. Avoid writing “in conclusion” whenever possible.

Suggestion. Don’t want to freewrite? Type your subject into your browser or Google it,You’ll likely find a few aspects of your subject, Do those aspects suggest other words? Jot them down and follow the procedure outlined above

You now have an aspecy of your subject that you really want to write about. Working with it may spark enthusiasm for the subject and your article project, Good luck and good writing!

Use a thesaurus. You will find a plethora of related terms!