July 20, 2024


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Morning of My Life (Bee Gees Song)

I was not yet born when Bee Gees were introduced to the music world and to keep track of their popularity. On my teenage years, I was able to listen to their music on a transistor radio and during the intercession of social media like YouTube that I was able to appreciate more videos of Bee Gees. There are many music genres that people enjoyed based on their preferences like pop, rock, jazz and more. Baseless if we don’t listen to the music and to prove what made them famous.

The Bee Gee’s sound can easily be identified as loud and lively performed by the famous three brothers’ vocal harmonies; with Barry Gibb’s falsetto voice became the band’s brand. The Bee Gees songs are considered oldies but goodies in music circulation. The Bee Gees sound would always be accompanied by a vibrato at the end of a phrase and a controlling percussion effects and string overdubs lead one in appreciating the beat. The fans love it so much that keeps most of their songs more interesting. Their songs like “How Can You Mend A Broken Heart,” “I Started A Joke,” “Massachusetts,” “How Deep Is Your Love,” “Night Fever,” “To Love Somebody,” “You Should Be Dancing,” “Too Much Heaven,” “Jive Talkin,” “Spicks and Specks,” “Run To Me,” “Tragedy,” “Words,” and “Staying Alive” are only a few of the classics in pop music golden age.

The 1970s was a proliferation of unique sounds from the disco theme of Bee Gees. Their music has become more engaging as time goes by. The music resonates with deep meanings like sharing life experiences, love, friendship, poetry, and cultural elements. Did you ever ask yourself why is their sound so mesmerizing, so simple and yet effectively unparalleled?

The first time I heard the song “Morning of My Life,” (also known as “In the Morning”) its melody and lyrics are captivating that unknowingly you will be caught daydreaming no matter what time it is. It will bring you to the time where you are fully aware of your feelings and that you want to keep going back to that time and lingers it all the way. The song is enchanting that will cradle you to the desired timetable of your life. The simple thought created in this song is so gratifying that will pronounce sweet smile on one’s face. Discover by listening to its melody and seize the substance within the words.

The first stanza goes like this: “In the morning when the moon is at its rest,” “You will find me at the time I love the best,” “Watching rainbows play on sunlight,” “Pools of water iced from cold night,” “In the morning,” “It is the morning of my life.” The message here is for someone thoughtfully pondering for the beginning of time that is naïve and a pristine love.

The second stanza goes like this: “In the daytime, I will meet you as before,” “You will find me waiting by the ocean floor,” “Building castles in the shifting sands,” “In a world that no one understands,” “In the morning, it is the morning of my life.” In here, my exegesis of the message is life transformation of going out from comfort zone and goes beyond their capability where success and failure may come that only himself could understand.

The third stanza details this: “In the morning of my life,” “The minutes take so long to drift away,” “Please be patient with your life,” “It’s only morning and you’re still to live your day.” What I realized with this stanza is the moment that is hard to let go but the reality is that it takes time to accept what is needed to leave in the past and live another day.

The last stanza mentions this: “In the evening, I will fly you to the moon,” “To the top right-hand corner of the ceiling in my room,” “Where we’ll stay until the sun shines,” “Another day to swing on clothesline, may I be yawning, it is the morning of my life.” From my understanding the message probably would like to express in the twilight years of their lives, spending together at the attic where writing in lights kept, hoping waking up for another daybreak in reminiscing the beauty of life.