September 26, 2022

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Michael Cline “Above and Below” at Nino Mier Gallery, Brussels

Michael Cline “Above and Below” at Nino Mier Gallery, Brussels

Time slows in “Above and Down below,” which offers viewers with in-depth paintings of the pottery, crops, textiles, and furniture that surround the artist on a everyday basis. Among the the houseplants he nurtures and the objects he collects, Cline finds prepared subjects for developing a planet of silent respite and contemplation. Executed in a restrained colour palette dominated by gentle blues, browns, and greens, Cline queries for an interior entire world, seeking shelter from the relentless chaos of the data age.

The however lives in “Above and Below” created from Cline’s previous figural perform. His early figurative paintings frequently concentrated on a central drama suggesting a bigger narrative, a person in which crops and objects play secondary roles. But in latest many years, a sharpened emphasis on the marginal elements of his early will work has introduced an invigorated flexibility to his apply. With no ideas of overt narrative or references to cultural or historic contexts, Cline has been in a position to create a exclusive visual idiom that finds indicating in texture, light, and form.

Cline’s uncommon vantage factors and evident eye for the quotidian are reminiscent of the haphazard compositions of vernacular pictures. Eschewing specifics that root his paintings in a particular time or position over and above the domestic interior, Cline opts to concentrate on the official and materials aspects existing in his subjects, this kind of as dust, textural eccentricities, and lights. Also, each individual canvas is stippled to produce a sandpaper-like surface suggesting haze in just about every image. The emphasis of texture and light in excess of color’s saturation delivers an depth to the paintings that would make the modest objects surface as nevertheless they are vibrating, imbued with a surplus of vitality that can never fully manifest.

at Nino Mier Gallery, Brussels
right until Oct 1, 2022