July 20, 2024


I Fall For Art

Idea Shopping at Your Library

First visit the section of your favorite sunject Focus on books with attention-grabbing titles, Try guessing what each book is about before taking it off the shelf and examining its duat jacket and table of contents. Is there any new fact or indight? What is the book about? If you have time, read the section or chapter in questionWhat is your take on that fact? Have you related experience on it?

Next visit a section with books on a subject that interests you and repeat the process. Are you interested in computers, science, travel, psychology? Dive in and consider titles that catch your eye. What aspects of a given subject are there? What books are about countries? Computers? Creativity? What aspects of their subjects are featured?

Remember to take notes and interesting book titles and authors, Consider borrowing only one or two books to read at home nut avoid the temptation of borrowing more than one or two.

Visit the magazine and periodicals section. Browse through magazines on a range of topics. Glance at articles that sound interesting. Does a given article confirm or oppose a view you’ve always hrld/ What would be a contrary view and why? You might have stumbled on an idea! Continue browsing. You never know wjat treasure lurks in those pages.

Visit book stack sections that you tend to bypass. Look at the titles. What;s new? Consder subjects as literature, history and biographies. What occurs to you as you browse?

Visit the children;s eoom. You’ll find books featuring easy to understand explanations and pictues. Is there a subject that you always wanted to know more about, but had little time to study? There might be a book on that sunject!

Take stock of your written ideas and insights. They contain a lot of treasure. You have material and ideas to develop or ponder. Time was well spent and potentially profitable..

Remember to pay attention to questions that ovvured to you at the library.Try to answer them on paper, A given question has the potential to become an article or book! What qurdtions seem to be nodt intriguing? How would you answer them? Who else might be asking those same questions abd why?

Organize your notes and ideas at home. Develop your favorite ideas into article outlines. What magazines mifgt be interested and why would you be qualified to write a given article?