July 20, 2024


I Fall For Art

Human Relationships: Marriage, Live-In Or Back-Tracking To Animal Instinct

Relationship is: communication, between two individuals; that’s it. If only we could sustain, transparent, spontaneous communication of childhood, as we grow, nothing else matters. This coveted utopian situation evades most of us; among man-made relations or God-made relations.

We are cautious, on guard with God-made relations of our immediate family, or with man-made relations as we graduate to extended family status & with in-laws. We are secretive, share communication on need basis, We are an island, an isolated family from our near and dear ones. May be the spouses too live a semi-isolated life, and call it our private space.

Communication channels between man-made relations, called in-laws are no longer vital, merely desirable; may be routed indirectly through the spouse. The intimacy and warmth with extended families & in-laws has vanished; and is an obsolete historical concept. Between the spouses, worldly success, sensual pleasures, are the bench-mark, in today’s world. Marriage has taken a back seat, in favour of live-in relationship; for there is mistrust, a fear of losing assets, in case of divorce. There are live-in relations, decades old, with grown up children, but no marriage. The mistrust pervades everywhere, among spouses in all families.

We are backtracking our evolution. Animals have no families, they have God given instinct, and a minimal mother’s care, to sustain the newly born till self-sufficiency. We have awakened too a bit late, in this industrial, civilised society, that, it is profitable, to live in God’s world, as animals do by following, what God has devised for them. Follow your instinct, guard your self-interest.

Animals, don’t remember their mother’s care, why should we? When they grow up, God does not expect them to do so. Why would God expect us to! God bless the human race, which has learnt to follow animal instinct faithfully, in lieu of man-made out-dated concepts of: family, sacrifice, misunderstood religions, with more pain than harmony God has given us analysing ability. The evolved human race have landed in: cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, drinks, drugs and divorces. Animals have none of these. We got all!!

God! Please take back our intelligence: we are incapable of enjoying family life, an upgrade from animal life, we are incapable of leading a healthy life, like animals. We are losers all around. We claim to be, a pinnacle of evolution.

The saving grace, although we are incapable of keeping old parents at home, but we are better than animals who send their aged into wilderness; we send them to old age homes.